© Sputnik/ Irina Gueraschenko
Russia-Donbass Integration Committee has called upon the United Nations Organization (UNO) to recognize what's going on in Donbass as an act of genocide on the part of Ukrainian authorities in relation to the population of the region. A text of the statement was adopted at the end-of-year session of the organization in Moscow today (on December 20).
"We are appealing to the UNO country-members with a request to recognize what's going on in Donbass as an act of genocide of Ukrainian authorities towards civilians, crime against Russian-speaking population and take necessary measures to stop genocide," TASS provides the text of the statement.
The statement also highlighted that Kiev was not going to comply with the Minsk agreements and was not ready for a constructive dialogue.
The responsibility for what's going on in Donbass totally rests with the Ukrainian side which has declared a total blockade and systematically destroys the population of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics," the statement highlighted.
It is the crime which violates the norms of international law and contradicts moral principles of any civilized country.

The document was adopted due to the increased number of shelling of the DPR and LPR territories along the whole contact line on the part of Ukrainian military.