Temperature 10-12°C below the climatic norm.

Severe freezing has hit parts of Evenkia, Irkutsk and Yakutia. On November 19, the temperature fell to -40, -42°C.

It was even colder just east of Yakutia. In Ytyk-Kel and Churapcha, Teplyi Klyuch and Tompo, the thermometers showed -44 ° C, In Deliankir and Oymyakon -47°C.

In Yakutia, such frosts are fairly common at this time of year. But for Central Siberia, this is a serious temperature anomaly (italics added), because the average daily temperature for Nov 18 was 10-12°C below the climatic norm.

For tonight, forecasts call for heavy snowfall in Evenkia, with frosts dropping to -30, -35°C.

In the regions of Katangsky and Northeast is expected to be -33, -38°C.

On the night of Nov 20 in Yakutia, the temperature will be -38 ° to -43 ° C.

Thanks to Martin Siebert for this link.