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The globalist strategy of Drang nach Osten (Eastern Conquest) is based on an ancient Vatican-Hapsburg concept that the key to conquering Russia is to create a separate Ukrainian state and extract it from the Orthodox Russian world. In 2014, globalists imposed their designs on Ukraine by instigating the violent Maidan coup in Kiev that overthrew the duly elected Ukrainian government, and in its place they installed a puppet neo-Nazi regime with a rabid anti-Russian agenda. Russia is now compelled to draw a red line in Ukraine against further US/EU/NATO eastward onslaught. The globalist action has ended Ukraine as a viable country and turned it into an ignition charge of WW3.

Ukraine emerged in 1991 from the breakup of USSR. Never before did it exist as a sovereign state. For centuries "Ukraina" denoted Russian western frontier-territory. In fact, during the czarist era this Russian territory was Malorossiya (Little-Russia) and Novorossiya (New-Russia). Present-day Ukraine - with major ethnic Russian populations in the Central, Eastern, and Southern (including Crimea) regions - is a former USSR administrative unit, the Ukrainian Socialist Republic. Ethnic/pro-Russian people of Ukraine abhor the Kiev regime's fanatical anti-Russian policies and its intent to join NATO. They call the current state of Ukraine Nulandistan in reference to former US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, who in part engineered the 2014 Kiev coup.

Donetsk and Lugansk administrative regions, in the Donbas area of southeast Ukraine, refuse to recognize the authority of the Kiev regime. For three years, they have resisted the regime offensive to occupy their territory. The defense forces of Donetsk and Lugansk, with Russia's tacit aid, have established a military stalemate. Russia has also accepted more than a million refugees fleeing neo-Nazi repression in Ukraine. In 2014, Crimea with a 97% referendum majority declared independence from Ukraine and joined native Russia. Other ethnic/pro-Russian regions of Ukraine are likely to follow suit.

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Against those blow-backs to their offensive in Ukraine, globalists invoke the 1994 Budapest Memorandum to label the 2014 Crimean referendum illegal and reintegration with Russia as an act of Russian aggression. The Budapest Memorandum was signed by US, UK, and Russia upon Ukraine's accession to the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. The treaty transferred USSR's remaining nuclear arsenal from Ukrainian to Russian territory because Russia was internationally recognized as USSR's legal successor, liable for honoring all of USSR's agreements on nuclear armament.

The Budapest Memorandum specified, in accordance with the 1975 Helsinki Final Act, respect for the independence, sovereignty, and existing borders of Ukraine. The Helsinki Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe had mutually assured the sovereignty and territorial integrity of its signatory countries -- including US and Canada, two Germanies, Czechoslovakia, USSR, Yugoslavia, and the Vatican.

Globalists now interpret the Helsinki Final Act to challenge Crimea's reintegration with Russia. However, during the 1990s, globalists trampled the Helsinki Final Act and the UN Charter when they used US/EU/NATO and UN forces to partition and occupy Yugoslavia. Then, they had asserted that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Yugoslavia were subordinate to the rights of Yugoslavia's ethnic groups to self-determination - except if the ethnic group was Serbs. Now, ironically, globalists uphold the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine by denying ethnic Russians their right to self-determination. The new global order evidently eliminates ethnic Serbs and Russians (among others) as inferior unfit sub-people.

Clearly, globalists follow no universal principles, only what momentarily suits their own particular interests. Therefore, their legal, moral, and humanitarian claims are utterly hypocritical, duplicitous, and bankrupt.

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In 2014, globalists further escalated US/EU/NATO hybrid-warfare against Russia with economic sanctions aimed at weakening the Russian economy and defense capabilities, and fomenting internal strife. The sanctions have devalued the Russian ruble by 60%, which combined with an engineered precipitous drop in world oil prices have impeded the Russian economy. Particularly hard hit are the Russian financial elite's transfers to their off-shore accounts. The sanctions also cost some EU countries US$ billions in exports to Russia.

In the long run, the sanctions are actually fostering a more balanced development of the Russian economy by effectively curbing a harmful dependence on imports of consumer products from the West, which had required constant increases in Russian exports of energy and raw materials.

Meanwhile, the Kiev regime has wrecked the Ukrainian economy. In just three years under their control, the Ukrainian GDP dropped 52% (from $183 billion in 2013 to an estimated $87 billion in 2016). Ukraine has also defaulted on the repayment of sovereign debt. Basically, Ukraine has become a corrupt dysfunctional state that is spiraling down into total chaos.

The financial tentacles of the global oligarchy are actively supporting anti-Russian operations of the Kiev regime. In 2015 the IMF even circumvented its own rule of not lending to countries in default, just to loan an additional $17.5 billion to the Kiev regime. The global oligarchy intends to extend new loans to Ukraine by using debt-to-equity swaps to liquidate Ukraine's outstanding debts.

The puppets in Kiev essentially agree to exchange valuable Ukrainian assets and natural resources for the global oligarchy's freely-printed (baseless) money. Large chunks of this money do not pass the sticky hands of the corrupt Kiev regime, and what trickles down only further finances the globalist military confrontation with Russia. Once the sold-out Kiev leadership accomplishes this, they will simply flee to join their padded off-shore accounts, while what remains of Ukraine will collapse into a serfdom of the global oligarchy.

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The Kiev regime's military operations in the Donbas have proved disastrous. Rampant government corruption has hollowed-out Ukraine's military. The regime intentionally conscripts ethnic Russians for front-line fighting against ethnic Russian insurgents, while using neo-Nazi mercenary battalions as back-line execution squads. Such tactics have resulted in clashes between regular troops and mercenary battalions. Actually, rank-and-file Ukrainian troops are more likely to join forces with the insurgents against the globalist puppets in Kiev, than to occupy Donetsk and Lugansk.

Military defeats in early 2015 forced the Kiev regime to sign the Minsk II Agreement with the acting governments of Donetsk and Lugansk, co-sponsored by the governments of Russia, Germany, and France. The agreement halts hostilities and provides a roadmap for peaceful resolution of the conflict with preservation of Ukraine as a country. It principally requires that the Kiev regime enacts federal constitutional reforms, giving greater autonomy to regional governments. In particular, ethnic/pro-Russian regions would have veto-power over Ukraine's US/EU/NATO policies.

True to form, globalists are directing their Kiev puppets to subvert the Minsk II Agreement. So the regime refuses to enact the agreed federal constitutional reforms, while continuing indiscriminate bombardment of civilian populations in Donetsk and Lugansk. Yet US/EU/NATO warmongers blame Russia for the agreement's failure, while adding fuel to the fire by supplying the Kiev regime with military aid and advisors. And now globalists are keen on selling advanced lethal weapons to Ukraine - to be tactically tested against Donetsk and Lugansk defenses.

Globalist warmongers know time is running out on US/EU/NATO conventional military superiority over Russia, China... Hence they are compelling their puppets in Kiev to instigate a military conflict with Russia. For this purpose, they are inflating the US/UK non-binding assurances from the 1994 Budapest Memorandum into a special military alliance, whereby US/EU/NATO would militarily guarantee Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. Evidently, globalists want to provoke Russian intervention in Ukraine, as a pretext for US/EU/NATO direct military action against Russia.

The Kiev regime - given globalist financial assistance and US/EU/NATO military planners - is now preparing a large military operation in the Donbas. If the Kiev regime with US/EU/NATO lethal assistance attacks Donetsk and Lugansk, then President Putin would be forced to militarily intervene against ethnic cleansing and a potential genocide of ethnic/pro-Russians in the Donbas. Such Russian intervention would have to decisively end US/EU/NATO use of the failed state of Ukraine to ramrod Russia.

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Russia's rapid modernization of the military-industrial complex, its strategic pivot to Eurasian alliances, and its reintegration of Crimea - all are merely defensive blow-backs to the globalist offensive. So far, only in Syria has President Putin turned to a measured offensive against the globalist onslaught. A major Russian offensive in Ukraine would spark disintegration of that country into autonomous regions, with ethnic/pro-Russian regions rejoining native Russia. This would set back the global oligarchy's Eastern Conquest, and their new world order.

Over the past 30 years, the global oligarchy has monopolized the power of US/EU/NATO to brutally violate international laws, destroy sovereign countries, and despotically create their own totalitarian reality on the ground. The hubris of the global oligarchy could not tolerate a rival Russian-made reality in Ukraine. The globalist media and minions would emphatically pound the war drums, crying bloody murder and calling for a swift and decisive US/EU/NATO military action against Russia. This could start WW3.

Globalists are quite eager to fight Russia to the last East European. Their military offensive against Russia is to be spearheaded by NATO East-European frontline countries - Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, the Baltic states - and the neo-Nazi Ukrainian regime. However, this racist globalist strategy is bankrupt. Most East-Europeans are prudent enough to recall what happened when the Third Reich's puppet regimes in their countries conscripted them for Hitler's invasion of USSR/Russia - and this time around the war devastation would be immeasurably worse. Once confronted with such dire consequences, most East-Europeans would exit US/EU/NATO - as they did the Warsaw Pact in 1991.

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President Putin does not want war. The Russian people better than anyone know the horrors of war. Do we? Just consider that in the twentieth century alone, more than 30 million Russians died in horrific carnage, defending their own soil. In all of the US wars, we have lost fewer than 1.3 million Americans, with half of those losses suffered during the 1860s Civil War.

America gained enormous wealth and power because it did not have modern warfare fought on its soil. However, US and EU/NATO core-counties would be the primary targets of a Russian asymmetric nuclear retaliation against a globalist military attack. Therefore, we must clearly understand what really awaits us - before the globalist lies, staged pretexts, and cheap insinuations have us waving banners and marching into WW3. Such a war would level unprecedented destruction here, on our home soil. The loss of three thousand lives on 9-11 would be just an episode multiplied thousands of times - and globalists will certainly not let us into their exclusive bomb shelters.

To ensure our survival, We the People must yank back Our Republic from the imperial claws of the global oligarchy. We have already taken the first step and now must hold President Trump true to his promise to drain the cesspool. Ultimately, we must fully exercise our rights and responsibilities to vote out the globalist deep state mercenaries - the unbalanced, debased, and inbred administrators, legislators, and judiciary.