canine attack
© Angela Antunes / CC by 2.0
Man's best friend is more likely to turn on him in South Africa than anywhere else in the world.

According to law firm DSC Attorneys, the country has the highest incidence of dog attacks on humans than any other in the world. The firm is advising people on their rights and possible claims stemming from dog attacks.

Kirstie Haslam, a partner in the firm, said dog bites account for tens of millions of injuries annually, and in South Africa dogs account for 76 percent to 94 percent of animal bite injuries, and dog bite fatalities are higher because of lack of post-exposure treatment and appropriate access to healthcare.

In the US, the figure is three percent to 18 percent and also lower in Australia, Canada and France.

"There were nine dog attack fatalities in 2016, more than the total number in the nine years from 2006-2015, and so far in 2017, reported dog attack fatalities and injuries are a daily occurrence.

With high crime rate, large breeds of dogs are popular and many dogs are trained to be aggressive for security purposes.

Source: Cape Argus