butterfly dream
Often you will dream about being in a car.

It is important to notice who's driving the car, as a car represents your "drive" in life or how you propel yourself from the present time toward your future. If you are not driving, notice the position in the car where you are sitting. If you are in the front passenger seat, whoever is driving the car represents the driver in your life. If you know this person, describe their personality in three words, such as "Judith is quiet, responsible, and squeamish." That is the adopted program that is driving your life in this dream. You are riding shotgun to your own life.

I used to have dreams of not even having a car, but sort of a skateboard apparatus that I propelled with my hand. Needless to say, that was not a good thing. I was driving myself fist over fist — not an easy way to travel through life.

If you are in the back seat, you are in an unconscious state and cannot act or drive on your own behalf. You are literally being driven by adaptations you have made in the past.

Lord help you if you are in the trunk, seriously. You have compartmentalized your original self to such a degree that you cannot even ride with your driving programs.

Often you may be observing cars being driven. Notice their drivers and, again, their characteristics.

The make and model of the vehicle can give you clues about what time of your life your dream maker wants you to review. If it is a model that is more likely to have been driven when you were a child, then you are looking at a childhood issue.

If the vehicle is a truck, you are looking at a more masculine or forceful drive.

The colour of the vehicle indicates the emotion of the time that you are reviewing: pink being a feminine aspect, yellow a student or learner, blue an intuitive aspect, etc.

For instance, if you are in the backseat of a black car driven by your older brother, it is the contaminated or original (black) adaptations you made in your life to be his sister that is driving the time of your life in the dream. Notice the car age: Is it new or old?

A person recently told me of a dream where they were trying to drive their car but the front bottom rubber shield was digging in and prohibiting their forward motion. They, in real life, had lost this rubber part by driving over a bump. So the dream maker was using that as the "wallpaper" of their dream to tell them that something was impeding their progress in life at this time.

Riding on a bus or train indicates that you are looking at a collective drive — a drive that is created from your reaction to society, usually concerning social mores or standards.

On a bus or train it is normal to not be driving the vehicle, as society has molded you to these social drives, such as marriage, jobs, religion, etc. These destinations are often not easy to change, particularly on trains, as those programs run on a preset track. These are basic conditioning drives that serve as your basic view of how to operate your life.

In essence, you should be the conscious operator of your drive. If not, you need to look at what force is driving your life.