In the summer of 2015 12 holistic doctors died under suspicious circumstances within 3 months of each other. If reports are to be believed the death tally of holistic doctors now stands at around 60. In 2016 there was a spate of banker deaths that spanned the globe. In 2001 several microbiologists were found dead of suicide or 'foul play'. In 2013 3 climate scientists died mysteriously. What's happening? Conspiracy theories abound but there is no hard evidence linking all of these deaths together. Were these professionals in possession of some top-secret knowledge that put their lives at risk from the powers that be or are all of these deaths merely an unfortunate coincidence?

On this episode of The Health and Wellness Show we explore the bizarre details and possible explanations of this strange phenomenon that leaves most alternative researchers scratching their heads.

At the end of the show we bring it back down to the mundane with Zoya's Pet Health Segment on training your cat in morning etiquette.

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Jonathan: Hey everybody! Welcome to the Health and Wellness Show. Today is Friday, June 23, 2017. My name is Jonathan. I'll be your sort of host for today. Joining me in our virtual studio from all over the planet we have Tiffany, Doug and Erica. Hey guys!

All: Hello.

Jonathan: So today we are going to be talking about mysterious deaths in the world of holistic doctors, scientists and bankers. Just to clarify, we are not doing an on-air investigation or anything like that. We're just going to have a conversation around this topic because we thought it was curious.

I don't know how many of our listeners are aware of this, but in the summer of 2015, 12 holistic doctors died under suspicious circumstances. Now people do that all the time of course. What was weird about this is they were all in the same field. They were within three months of each other. The number of holistic doctors who have died suspiciously now is up around 60. There was also a spate of banker deaths that spanned the globe in 2016 and in 2001 there was a spate of microbiologists who were found either suicide or whatever you want to call it. Climate scientists died mysterious in 2013.

So there's all these things around these different fields and we thought it was really curious. Now it could be completely unrelated but we just don't know. So I'm curious what you guys think about this and if we want to start from just a basic Occam's razor perspective. What do you think the chances are that these guys just died mysteriously the way people do sometimes?

Tiffany: I think that people do die, obviously. I think maybe there's a connection between some of them. I don't think that there's a connection between the holistic doctors and the bankers and the scientists but maybe there's a connection between some of the holistic doctors, some of the scientists, some of the bankers. Maybe they knew something, maybe they didn't. Maybe some of them were killed by the powers that be for a specific reason and maybe some other deaths were added in just, to muddy the waters and confuse the situation. I don't know. I don't have access to forensic records or to the notes of what these people were working on so it's really hard to say.

Doug: I think that's actually one of the most difficult things about the whole thing. Speaking specifically about the holistic doctors, when it first started happening there were all these rumours coming out about what they were working on. One big one was GcMAF (GcProtein Macrophage Activating Factor) which is a treatment that's supposed to be very successful for cancer and autism and diabetes and all these other things. But then it turned out that it was really only one guy who was doing that, so there goes that connection. There was another rumour going around that some of them were working with CBD oil but that was a pretty dodgy. It wasn't really confirmed.

So I think one of the big problems with this is actually trying to connect the dots with what little information there actually is out there about it.

Tiffany: And it's not as if governments around the world have not killed people on purpose for specific reasons. That happens. But when you see all of these clumped together like that it's natural for people to come up with these theories as to why when we do know that those things do happen.

Erica: Especially regarding the holistic doctors, the idea that their research was really going to challenge big pharma in a lot of ways and even Dr. Moulton back in 2003 I think, with coming out against vaccines. So it is easy to get carried away and start to see all these things as connected. So we don't want to get carried away.

Tiffany: Yeah. {laughter} And I was saying before the show, if big pharma killed everybody that knew something nasty about vaccines then there would be a whole lot of people dead right now, including us. {laughter}

Doug: I think one of the things that really drew people's attention is the mysterious nature behind a lot of them. The first one that started getting reported and another one started getting grouped around it was a doctor named Dr. Bradstreet. He was practicing in Florida but then he moved his practice to Georgia and this happened on June 19, 2015. Almost immediately they ruled it as a suicide even though that didn't really seem to make sense because the guy was a relatively happy guy. He had a family. He was doing all this research on autism and actually having a really good success rate as I understand it. He's actually the one who was working with GcMAF.

But they ruled it a suicide almost immediately even though it was by a gunshot wound to the chest, which is an odd way to commit suicide I think. He was found out in the middle of nowhere. He was in a river or something like that. Because that one was so mysterious and then a couple of ones later on started happening in fairly quick succession and they also had mysterious elements to them, that led people to start grouping them together. And I'm not saying that they aren't related in some way because they could very well be but it could just be that it was a lot of freak murders out of nowhere.

Erica: Well the thing about James Bradstreet that I found interesting was that...

Tiffany: Jeff.

Erica: Jeff. I thought it was James.

Tiffany: Jeffrey.

Erica: Dr. Bradstreet. That he was working with that GcMAF and that he had treated over 2,000 autistic children with the substance and he was having an 85% success rate. He actually provided expert testimony in family court for families of vaccine-injured children and he was the founder and president of the International Child Development Resource Centre and once employed the autism expert Dr. Wakefield. So he did all this research with autistic children and found that they had this high protein count of nagalase causing the autism and I think just weeks before he died the FDA raided his...

Tiffany: I think it was a few days before he died.

Erica: ...his medical office looking for this GcMAF. Of course we don't want to go all crazy on the conspiracy theories but his background and his research challenging the status quo, especially with all the shows we've done previously about this whole autism connection with vaccines.

Tiffany: That one rates pretty high on my suspicion list.

Doug: Yeah, I agree. We've talked a lot on past shows about big pharma and how they very clearly are working in their own interests and don't seem to care at all about what actually happens to the patients. It's more about making a buck. But I guess really what the question comes down to is how far are they actually willing to go to do these things. There's not much doubt in my mind, as you said before Tiff, that these institutions would probably not even hesitate to take somebody out were it in their best interests. If they actually felt threatened in a very serious way I could certainly see them doing that.

But I guess the question is was what these people were working on actually threatening in a really serious way.

Tiffany: From just looking around at different articles about these holistic doctors who died and their trying to tie them all into GcMAF, the only person that I could find who actually worked with that was Dr. Bradstreet. So that tie is gone. I did want to say forgive us if we get a little sarcastic or snarky a little bit because these are real people who actually did die and they did have families. So we don't want to treat this too lightly but we do want to show how strange it is, without disrespecting these people.

Erica: And also it sends a message that these are no-go topics to go into and after watching the documentary Vaxxed about how people like Dr. Wakefield have their entire lives ruined - he wasn't murdered but his medical career was ruined - and it took a lot of fighting on his part to redeem himself. And even to this day the Vaxxed documentary is getting a lot of negative media spin. So it's just something to keep in mind, that it really takes guts for these doctors to come out and share what they know, knowing that they're going to be condemned.

Tiffany: Even short of murder, there are repercussions. So rather than having us just list all of these people, we do have a clip that we can start off with. A lot of this reporting of these dead holistic doctors came from Erin Elizabeth of Health Nut News. So we have a little clip of her being interviewed so we can go ahead and play that. She gives a rundown on some more of these doctors who died.

Luke: This is Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange in Orlando, Florida. I'm joined by Erin Elizabeth of and the story that Erin has been working on is insane. There's a lot of holistic doctors that have been found dead. Some of them have been found in the woods. Some of them have been curing cancers. There's a lot of speculation. There's a lot of theories out there but right now we're here with Erin to get to the bottom of it all. Erin, what has been happening? What's going on?

Erin: Well Luke we started on June 19 with Dr. Bradstreet found dead in the woods with a gunshot wound to his chest and it just went from there. We have 11 doctors dead in less than 90 days and three were found in the woods or outside. All three they said are alleged suicide. We also have four established murders and then several who just died suddenly. Some of the family members have come forward, even on TV on local news, questioning those deaths saying they don't understand. The was no reason they died. The autopsy isn't showing heart attack. They can't find a cause of death. So yeah, it's pretty frightening.

Luke: There's a lot of information that still hasn't been made public about everything that has been happening but we know some of the details. Some of the family members have actually been contacting you because you actually wrote the first story about the first doctor who passed away and then you started studying this and really honing in on this topic. You found a lot more doctors, especially here in Florida, that passed away. And now the family members have been getting in contact with you. Can you tell us what some of the family members of these doctors have been telling you?

Erin: Yes. They just really want to get to the bottom of this. I haven't talked to all the family members but the one I have, that the sheriff would make these kind of assumptions like with Dr. Bradstreet and the one that died suddenly, another one, they just want answers. They really want answers and I'm connecting them where they can talk to each other because some of them are connected but as more come forward demanding answers about what happened to their loved ones or their mate or their brother, or whatever the case may be, will hopefully reveal more answers or connect the dots to what's been happening here.

Luke: And some of these doctors have been known to help patients with stage 3, stage 4 cancer. You were just telling me a while ago one of these doctors had a bunch of survivors of cancers. Can you give us more details about that particular doctor and who he was?

Erin: Sure. His name was Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez. He was very well known. Like many of the doctors he was an author, outspoken and at his funeral even Suzanne Somers who was a patient of his said that there were patients there who were still alive today, years later, that had late stage pancreatic cancer, which most people don't survive - the survival rate is very low - and I have people writing me every day to say they were cured by these doctors, especially doctors like Nicholas Gonzalez who was an expert in his field. From the staff on his website it says they thought it was a heart attack. The autopsy says it wasn't. They have no cause of death. He was healthy and I'm sure they want answers too.

Luke: Can you tell me about the doctors that have been found in the woods? Was it the same woods? Was it doctors related in the same field? Can you give us the details about that?

Erin: Sure. Actually it would have been three different doctors, starting with Dr. Bradstreet who was found in a river but it was in a secluded area. Then another one, Dr. Jeffrey Whiteside who was found. They looked through the area for weeks and weeks. He was with his family and just walked away and then was found dead in the woods weeks later with a gun by his side and they immediately called it a suicide and even the local news there said that they made a "mess" of the investigation. They called them out. At least some of these local media are calling them out on it.

And then the last one was someone we knew personally, Dr. Mitch Gaynor who was also from New York City like Dr. Gonzalez, a well known, published author who had been on Dr. Oz and was found dead in the trees outside his house and they said it was a suicide but there's still an ongoing investigation. But within a couple of days the local sheriffs there said "Suicide" without any full explanation of how he could call that so quickly.

Luke: And these are mainstream, big holistic doctors that are on television. Why isn't the mainstream media giving this any attention at all?

Erin: That is what's most suspicious to me. When Dr. Bradstreet died they did have some of the papers, and I don't remember if it was particularly Forbes or the Washington Post, some national papers were talking about his death and saying that he was a quack. The news was right away trying to discredit him. But that's a good question. Really besides one, Dr. Teresa Sievers who was found bludgeoned to death with a hammer who they talked about more because she was the only woman out of the doctors, mainstream has not been talking about it. Some of the family members told me that Time Magazine had tried to contact them and then someone else said that Time Magazine contacted them so eventually I wrote Time and said to the person at the email address, "Even if you don't want to mention my name, I did, sad as it is, as gently as possible, break all 11 of these stories and I would like to talk to you, give you the facts so you know what you're doing. If you're doing a story on all these doctors and the possible connection then maybe you'd like to talk to me."

They didn't answer so then I sent out another email with a read notification attachment to it and I can't say for sure that it was in Time Magazine but it was these similar IP addresses and you could see that this person shared it with this person, this person, this person and it appeared to be that someone at their email account, if it wasn't that author at Time Magazine, shared it with all these other people. Everyone's reading it, five minutes, two minutes. It was in New York City where Time is and they never wrote me back so I guess they decided they didn't want to talk to me even though I wrote all the articles in the first place.

Luke: Why not want to talk to the person who broke the story and is the lead researcher in this? Obviously I could probably tell that the mainstream media will probably do a hit piece on this. That's why we need to get this information out to everybody out there. Now of course a lot of the dots are not always connected. There are still a lot of theories circulating out there. Can you give us your take on everything because I think what you told me before was just perfect with where people should take this information?

Erin: Yes. There are theories like whether it be cannabis oil because some of them promoted that definitely, or GcMAF which has been shown to help people that have autism or cancer. But my message to people is that I don't want them to live in fear. If there is a connection here and if we were to go out on a limb and say that it was connected, that's exactly what they would want, which is for people to be scared. So if this were an orchestrated hit or something then they want to scare people.

So I don't want people to be afraid. I want them, especially doctors who write me every day who say they're fearful, I really admire the ones who aren't afraid to keep practicing and stay strong and be aware, but don't be frightened. Don't be afraid, go into hiding because I really believe that the only way that we're going to prevail with this is to stay strong and to stay united.

Luke: We definitely need to know everything that's happening but we definitely need to bring more attention to this situation. Erin Elizabeth thank you so much for your research. Definitely check out if found this video helpful. Definitely share it. People need to know about this stuff so get it out there to all your friends and family members. Thank you again so much for watching.

Tiffany: Okay.

Doug: Interesting.

Tiffany: Yeah. I have a bunch of other people and again, just because these people are doctors doesn't mean that they can't die or be murdered just like everybody else, but there's a bunch more. There was a doctor named Armon Bert died on Valentine's Day and his family reported him missing. He was found in his car in a parking lot of Lowe's Home Improvement store. They said it was a heart attack. There was another doctor who originally it was thought she died of natural causes. Her name was Dr. Mary Yoder but it turns out that one of her employees killed her with the drug used to treat gout.

There was another doctor that was very well loved in the community named Dr. Vibeke Rasmussen. She taught biology and nutrition. She was stabbed more than 30 times in her house and the police at that time were searching for this mentally unstable neighbour who may have done it.

There's a really suspicious one named Dr. Han. He and his family were found dead in their home. There was a suspect in this case whose father was ex-CIA, whether this has anything to do with it or not, I don't know. But the cops said the killings were not random. There's another doctor who got stabbed together in her house, maybe by a boyfriend, who knows? A chiropractor who got killed in his office from being shot but it turns out that he was arguing with a client of his and the client killed him. So I don't know.

Doug: I thought he was the husband of one of his employees or something like that.

Tiffany: Yeah.

Doug: Or is that a different case?

Tiffany: No I think that's the same one. And then there's a couple of different doctors died on Father's Day I think it was; Dr. Bruce Hedendal in Miami found dead in his car, no explanation. He'd had run-ins with the feds because he was using unconventional treatments and he also worked with cancer patients. And there was a doctor who lived near Dr. Hedendal. He was a victim of a homicide after police were called to do a welfare check. And there was a Dr. Holt. He died on Father's Day just like Dr. Hedendal. He was on his way to Jacksonville, Florida. He had some health issues but they say that none of them were life-threatening.

There was another doctor who was brutally murdered in her house. Dr. Fitzpatrick was on his way to Montana and they found his truck on the side of the road and his body wasn't in it and they haven't found it.

Doug: No, they have found it now.

Tiffany: They found it?

Doug: I think, if it's the same one I'm thinking of, they actually found him in the forest with a gun sitting next to him or something like that. I think they ruled it as a suicide.

Tiffany: And then there was a pulmonologist named Jeffrey Whiteside. He went missing. Allegedly he successfully treated lung cancer and he went missing while he was vacationing with his family.

Doug: There was another one too. I don't think you mentioned that one, but Dr. Clogston who was 68 and he went missing for three weeks, was eventually found dead in his car which apparently went off the road. The thing was they were looking for him for three weeks and where he was found was on the same road that he took to work every day for the last 30 years. Why didn't they find it before three weeks?! You'd think that would be along their search area.

Tiffany: That one reminded me of the Missing 411 series where the searchers come in and they look over an area several times and they come back and all of a sudden they find the body or clues or something.

Doug: There was another weird thing because he went missing on March 14 but then a friend of his saw him somewhere, a couple of days later. So how was he missing for three weeks but his friend saw him at some point? I don't know. That one was kind of weird, you're right. The Missing 411 stuff has a weird synchronicity there.

Tiffany: There was this other meditation medicine doctor named Jamie Zimmerman who slipped and died while vacationing in Hawaii and was swept out to sea. So all this stuff sounds really weird when you list them all together, but again, nobody can figure out any ties to any of them. And doctors die just like everybody else.

Doug: That's just the thing. There are some that are more high profile, they've been on TV; The doctor who helped Suzanne Somers beat her breast cancer and all these high profile ones. But then there are other ones like a chiropractor from some small town somewhere in America and gets brutally murdered. So they certainly weren't all high profile. It could just be that, like Erica was saying before, that maybe they're just trying to muddy the waters and throwing a bunch in there that aren't really related at all.

But I also wonder if it's observer bias too. Almost all of this information is coming through Erin Elizabeth of Health Nut News. I don't think there's anything wrong with what she's doing. She's publicizing these deaths and she does say "We don't know that there's any kind of connection here but it's suspicious" but just by grouping them all together I honestly wonder if you took any given profession and took a look over the course of the year, how many of these weird murders would you find? How many people would go missing? How many people would commit suicide? So I do wonder if maybe there's a couple of suspicious ones in there but then you just end up throwing all these other ones on top of the pile that don't necessarily belong there.

There was one a couple of weeks ago, I was checking Health Nut News which is Erin Elizabeth's site and she was talking about some yoga instructor who had apparently committed suicide and she said it was very suspicious and all this kind of stuff. But a yoga instructor? Honestly? Is that who big pharma's trying to take out? The whole thing was just weird. It sounded like she was doing good work. She was working with women who had experienced trauma from sexual abuse or other types of abuse and really helping them get on with their lives through yoga and other holistic practices. But at the same time I really can't see big pharma saying "Okay, this yoga instructor is a threat. Maybe we ought to take her out." So it seems like maybe some are definitely getting grouped in here that maybe don't necessarily belong.

Erica: I think that it's important for our listeners to know about Erin Elizabeth. She is married to Dr. Mercola. So I think part of what inspired her to do this sequence - and she talks about it - is that they knew many of these doctors, that they had interviewed them and that a lot of them were happening on the east coast, Florida, Georgia. Dr. Bradstreet was found in North Carolina. More than anything I think she was really feeling the pain of the families, as she had explained in the video, that she was being contacted and there were just so many unanswered questions around it that I think more just to deal with the grief, she started putting these things together.

It's interesting, if you Google holistic doctors' death, the second listing on Google is from Snopes and they go through and they debunk everything saying "Well really only about five of these are legitimately questionable". But even five makes you wonder.

Tiffany: Erin Elizabeth says she started all this holistic doctor death research inadvertently. I think at the beginning there were a lot of people that she knew but I also think that a lot of people have been sending her articles about doctors who died under suspicious circumstances and maybe it snowballed from there and it became this whole big thing that it really didn't deserve to be.

One of our chatters says that Erin Elizabeth and Dr. Mercola are not technically married. She does not refer to him as a husband. She calls him her better half so maybe they just go together, not that it matters.

Doug: The thing is, you don't want to necessarily paint them with the same brush. I like Mercola. I really like his stuff but he does tend to be quite alarmist in a lot of situations. He seems to really ramp up the panic. "It's time for everyone to panic now." I don't know much about Erin Elizabeth but I could see maybe if they both have that tendency then there might be a tendency to maybe draw connections where there aren't necessarily any.

Tiffany: And I also think that there are doctors out there who are very popular. I won't name any names, but they've come up with much, much worse evidence about how vaccines are so toxic and they cause deaths and they are still with us. So I in no way think that this is something that people should be panicking over like she alluded to in that little clip.

Doug: Yeah. That is really what it comes down to. Is there really a motive for this? And maybe in a couple of situations, like yeah Dr. Bradstreet sounded like maybe he was onto something and that if it got out it might have actually been the big thing that was actually a threat to big pharma. But a lot of them I just don't see it unless they were working super secretly and nobody really knew what they were doing. On the one hand you don't want to just sit here and dismiss it all because like we were saying before, it certainly isn't beyond the scope of whatever big pharma, big Agra, FDA, whoever, who would do something like this. We've certainly seen the CDC and after all the information about the whistleblower came out, just the lengths that they'll go to, to maintain the status quo. But I think we do have to keep our wits about us here and really take a good look at it and see if there really is a motive.

Erica: Going back to Dr. Gonzalez, the one who cured Suzanne Somers and who actually cured his own pancreatic cancer, he's been a practicing physician for over 30 years and he's known for developing what was called the Gonzalez regimen and it was an alternative cancer treatment. He was the keynote speaker at a Whole Life Expo the year that he was murdered and he had a three-tiered approach that wasn't so controversial. It was just a personalized diet, detox and supplementation and he's well known for his research on coffee enemas.

When we were looking into these doctors' deaths it turns out that he did come out in years past about the dangers of EMF and was really vocal about it. So again, is his death igniting in people these "conspiracy theories" because he is upsetting the applecart.

Tiffany: I think what made a lot of people look at that - because his death wasn't all that odd to me - he allegedly died at home with his wife doing CPR and she called the ambulance. That happens quite a lot. But I think the thing that drew people to this story was that he had said sometime before he died that he heard that big pharma wanted him to get hit by a bus.

Doug: We're pretty aware that there is nefarious technology out there for inducing heart attacks from a distance.

Tiffany: Yeah.

Doug: It's not beyond the scope of possible but it's a good question. One of the chatters brought up in our chat room that just by taking these doctors out, think about all the books that they would write. But the thing is, a lot of them had already written their books. Gonzalez was approaching the end of his career than anything else. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think that he was on the verge of some kind of breakthrough. He had been very public about what he was doing and how he was treating things and I don't know what could be gained by taking him out at this point.

Tiffany: And it's not like there aren't doctors who cure their patients of cancer and their patients go to their funeral and talk about how great a doctor they were. That is not suspicious to me. But we can move on to some dead bankers and some dead scientists. We can raise the suspicion bar again. We have another clip. This one talks a little bit about some scientists, a few bankers are thrown in, maybe a holistic doctor here and there, but we can take a listen to this.

...has an unbelievable report but here's the news happening right now. I want to think Nick of New York for this report. We have another NASA scientist that has died. This happened last Friday. That's his plane crashing in the streets of LA. What is it that these NASA scientists know and somebody don't want us to find out?

Well there's a 47-year-old NASA scientist, Alberto Behar. He helped to prove that there was water on Mars. This is the guy that helped prove that. According to a very sad Daily Mail story his small plane crashed there in the streets of Los Angeles. He's 47 years old. He is dead. What did he know? What about John Rogers? He was a tropical disease expert in the tropics. He worked with the National Institutes of Health. He was found dead near his home in a wrecked car. It went off an embankment in Maryland back in September of 2014, a single car crash, he's dead.

What about Glen Thomas? He was an AIDS and Ebola scientist expert, a spokesperson for the World Health Organization. He was one of 298 people that died on that Malaysian Air flight MH17, the one that was shot out of the sky over Ukraine. He was on that plane. What did he know that we're not going to find out?

And then there was Mark Farry, age 59. He's a nuclear engineer, a renowned American engineer. He was found dead in his hotel room of an apparent heart attack. Maybe. What did he know as a nuclear engineer.

And then there was professor Carol Armbruster, aged 69 from the university professor of astronomy and astrophysicist. She was found in her own home by her roommate dead in the kitchen with a knife stuck in her neck and she'd been stabbed in the chest. Are you serious?! What?! But wait there's more.

There's Anne Szarewski, age 53. She pioneered cervical cancer vaccine. Remember her? Doctors are still lost. They can't explain what killed her in her Hampstead home this past August 2014. They don't know what was the cause of death for this brilliant researcher.

Then there's Shane Todd, page 31. He had a PhD in electrical engineering. He was an expert. He was also found dead. He was very uncomfortable with the work he was doing for a Chinese company with a brand new, one-of-a-kind machine that had to do with defence. He also was mysteriously found dead. But wait! What did he die from? That's always the question, right? What did he die from? Well they don't know. As a matter of fact even CBS 48 Hours did a show on him. What did this young man do? He was very uncomfortable with this one-of-a-kind machine that they had him testing so he quit his job, got a different job in Virginia, bought a ticket to fly to Virginia to his new job and on his way he was killed in the plane crash.

And then there's Dr. Richard Holmes, age 48. He was a weapons expert. Dr. Holmes is believed to have worked on the production of chemical protection suits for troops for the invasion in 1991. Are you serious?! They say that he committed suicide.

And then there's Melissa Ketunuti. She died last January 2013. Firefighters had to get her charred body. She was a paediatrician. She had been murdered. She had been hogtied. She had been strangled and set on fire in her basement. She had worked at a children's hospital in Philadelphia as a leading paediatrician and researcher.

And then there's professor Dr. Richard Kroll, age 60. He died back in May of this year, apparently drove his car off the side of the road embankment in Arizona. He was involved in an astronomy program involved in what's coming in the sky.

Then there was Gerl Vazerdai died this past January 17th. She was shot in her home. She was an Iranian molecular scientist, gunned down in her home.

Also there was James Miller age 58. He died as a result of a home invasion. He had a doctorate degree in medical biochemistry at Ohio State University and was involved in research.

And then there is Zachary Greene Warfield, age 35. He died on the 4th of July from a strange boating accident in the Potomac River. He was founder and member of the board of directors of Omnis, a Virginia-based strategic consulting firm for the intelligence community. What did he know?

And then there's Jonathan Widom, age 55. He died of an apparent heart attack. He was a professor of molecular biosciences out of Weinberg College.

Then there's Farjohn May, age 29 and Zijang Yhang, age 26. Both of them drowned in a hotel swimming pool. What?!? Are you buying that? What did these guys do? They were working on atomic pathology and specialists in the research of this new field.

And then there is Andrei Provoff. He died in a Russian plane crash. He was involved in hydropress factories and nuclear and involved in the development of Iran's nuclear plant.

And then there's Roger Dickey, age 56. He died apparently because jumped off the George Washington bridge. He's a nuclear engineer. What nuclear engineer do you know at age 56 goes out and jumps off the George Washington bridge?

Tiffany: Yeah, I don't know any nuclear engineers so I can't really speak from that standpoint. {laughter} So another batch of weird deaths. Again, can't say that they're connected. They're just strange. The one death that was really strange pretty much everybody thinks that this one was strange and there's probably some dirt involved in it, was Dr. David Kelly. He died in 2003. He was found dead in the woods three days after he testified in a government inquiry about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. His death was ruled a suicide but suspicious things about his death were that his body looked like it had been moved twice, there was a knife found and I guess they said he slit his wrists but the amount of blood loss from slicing your wrists, a lot of doctors say that it's not really that much that you bleed out and die. And the way that they claim that Dr. David Kelly did, they said that the amount of blood on the scene was very sparse. They say that he had vomit stains around the corners of his mouth and his ears, which suggests that he died on his back. But when they found him he was slumped up against a tree.

But there was some research connecting him to ethnic-specific weapons. He did some research with some Israeli firms and apparently they were researching weapons that would target Arabs and not Jews so a lot of people cite that as one of the causes at least for his "murder".

Doug: He was the one who was about to blow the whistle on the fact that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, wasn't he? Wasn't he that guy?

Tiffany: Yeah.

Doug: That seems like a pretty good motive right there.

Tiffany: So I wouldn't put it past certain forces in that particular case to take somebody out. But it turns out that it came out that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq anyway. So if they were hoping to accomplish something with his death, it did not work.

Doug: Well it did for the time being.

Tiffany: Yeah, for a little while until everybody got onboard and they just never bothered to follow up on the fact that everything that was presented was a lie.

Doug: But with that clip...

Tiffany: That guy was a little...

Doug: Some of the ones he would list off sounded like a fairly ordinary death and he'd be like "What?!?! Are you kidding me?!?! These two guys drowned in a pool!" People drown in pools. The fact that they were in a related industry and all that kind of stuff, yeah that's kind of suspicious. I don't know. Maybe there just isn't enough information there to go on. With a lot of those he's like "What kind of nuclear engineer jumps off the George Washington bridge?" "I don't know. Let's look up the statistics. Does this happen?"

Tiffany: There was this other guy named Joseph Moshe. Police were chasing him down the street in LA in 2009 and allegedly his car engine was knocked out by an EMP and they used a car with a robotic arm to smash his window and they sprayed in teargas and pepper spray and he still wouldn't get out. He was taken to a mental hospital then he was taken to jail and then silently released to parts unknown. This guy allegedly had links to mysterious Morgellons-like disease and he was doing research on a very strong fungus. So that whole thing seems suspicious when they send out the wolves to get you in broad daylight on a public street.

Doug: Yeah, and they lob teargas at you and that has no effect.

Tiffany: Yeah.

Erica: Then you get taken to a mental hospital.

Doug: And then you just kind of quietly disappear.

Tiffany: Forever. There was another weird one, or not, depending on how you look at it. Someone named Chitra Chauhan [found by Temple Terrace police] who worked at the University of South Florida was a molecular biologist and died in an apparently suicide but used cyanide and Temple Terrace was studying mosquitoes and disease transmission. So we do know a little bit about mosquitoes that deliver vaccines.

Erica: Bioterrorism. GMO mosquitoes.

Doug: Well the fact that she apparently committed suicide by cyanide, if you're going to pick a way to kill yourself I think cyanide would probably be up there with your last choices. That's a painful, painful way to go, especially since she had just checked into a hotel. Couldn't she have just jumped off the roof or something like that?

Tiffany: Or couldn't she have taken a bunch of sleeping pills? Why cyanide? And then she tells the people when she was checking in that she had some cyanide with her?

Doug: Yeah, which is also a very strange thing. You tell the hotel clerk "Oh by the way, I'm carrying cyanide." "Well good for you!" That whole thing was very strange.

Tiffany: But it's not as if bioweapons are not a thing and it's not as if certain entities have been researching ethnic-specific bioweapons and it's not as if certain entities have not tested ethnic-specific weapons on certain populations. They've done that with blacks and Native Americans so it's not something that's completely out of the realm of possibility.

Doug: Or likelihood even. We know that there's enough sick people out there who would be researching and attempting this kind of thing.

Tiffany: So, we can also add on top of this, a bunch of dead bankers. This is a really big thing. A couple of years ago, 2014 or so if I remember correctly, a bunch of bankers died suspiciously whether of murder/suicides, suicides, jumping off buildings, just suspicious deaths. And there were a few of them who died while riding their bikes.

Doug: Really?

Tiffany: Yeah, at least two that I can think of, got hit by a van or got hit by a truck while riding their bikes. One of them was a climate scientist riding his bike to work and got hit by a truck.

Doug: That's a pretty easy way to take somebody out. You're pretty defenceless on a bike.

Tiffany: I think in 2013 there were three climate scientists who died suspiciously. One fell down the steps. You don't hear much about people falling down the steps and dying much these days. And the one that was hit on his bike and another one was struck by lightning, which I can't imagine.

Doug: Which is also weird.

Tiffany: People get struck by lightning but can you cause someone to get struck by lightning?

Doug: Yeah, that's a weird one. Some kind of a lightning weapon.

Tiffany: Allegedly they were going to reveal how rapidly global warming was melting Arctic ice, which in itself is kind of fishy because global warming is not happening. But that doesn't mean that Arctic ice isn't melting because of undersea volcanic activity. So I don't know.

Doug: Were they getting too close.

Tiffany: Yeah, getting too close to the truth.

Doug: It's a good question. I know a lot of the banker ones were suicides and I know there were a couple of them were really violent where the banker actually killed their wife or girlfriend first and then killede themselves. I think the first one was with a gun and with the second one the guy stabbed his wife 30 times or something like that and then used the knife on himself to stab himself in the chest. That's just bizarre!

Tiffany: I do have a clip on that one, but getting back to the scientists real quick before we go to the clip, some of these scientists who died were working with NASA, were astronomers or something like astronomers. One of the theories that's been bandied about is what if they are aware of coming cometary bombardment or something like that and NASA wants to shut them up?

Doug: Yeah, it's certainly possible. I actually saw a headline the other day. I read the article but the article itself was quite short and it was mostly a video and my internet wasn't working so well at the time so I didn't end up watching it, but it was talking about mysterious deaths of UFO researchers. So who knows? Maybe that's just coincidence or maybe it's related to the NASA scientists. I don't know.

Tiffany: I don't think it was in any way. I think I did watch that video.

Doug: Oh you did.

Tiffany: Yeah. There's about four people who went missing and no one knows what happened. But it could be that they were just abducted by a UFO. {laughter}

Doug: It could be.

Tiffany: Do you want to go to the dead bankers? Because I found most of these were almost unbelievable, how a lot of these people died.

Doug: Okay.

But the phenomenon I'm referring to is the mass amounts of suspicious banker death that have been occurring all over the world non-stop. And when I say bankers I'm not talking about tellers or mortgage brokers. I'm talking about big time executives from the biggest financial institutions on the planet, ING, Chase Manhattan, IFC, Rockefeller & Co. and especially JP Morgan executives, literally dropping dead. And what's strange about this whole fiasco are the circumstances in which these people are dying and the rulings that follow for the causes of death. Ninety-five percent of them are ruled as suicide while the large number of those are easy to show as a murder, which shows the police and all of these different cities and all these different countries are covering up the truth in cases of gruesome murders.

What's more, the press which one would hope is made up of investigators interested in reporting the truth, which we know is not the case, are reporting exactly what the police say without challenging the narrative a bit. It's a little condescending and an insult to your intelligence when you're reading these articles to see the conclusions that a) the police are coming up with and then b) the mainstream media is regurgitating for them.

Now for some examples of how easy these deaths are to spot as obvious foul play, we'll first go over a few of these reports in an article I put together in 2014 which is a list of headlines that ties up all of these deaths together over the entire year. So right off the bat we have Shawn Miller and he's an AMG and IFC executive who was found with his throat slit in his bathtub. The NYPD ruled Shawn's death a suicide right away and the New York Times reported it as a suicide right after but the article still mentioned the fact that police were confused as to why there was no knife or razor of any kind in Shawn's apartment.

So we must ask ourselves here how does a guy slash his own throat with nothing to slash his throat with? And of course the answer is he couldn't. Someone else had to have done it and taken the weapon with them when they left the apartment.

Then we have Richard Talley, the CEO banker who was reportedly shot in the chest, the neck and the head with a nail gun repeatedly and died a horribly painful death and again the police right away ruled it a suicide as if someone could or would do something like that to themselves.

And another named Gary Webb actually was reported to have shot himself in the back of the head twice, which is an impossibility of course.

So you see the type of game that's being played here. Clearly these people are being killed and reported as suicides. It's that simple and the media is covering it up. Why? I don't know, but it gets more sadistic as we go on. A lot of these executives are being killed along with their families like Benoit Philippens from BNP-Paribas Fortis Bank whose 9-year-old nephew and wife were gunned down with him in front of his Belgian mansion.

Or Julian Knott, a JPMorgan executive who reportedly shot his wife with a shotgun and then blew his own face off with the same gun. Family and friends of course shocked and saying that they never would have expected something like that. The couple is very much in love.

Or WL Ross Investment president Tangee Newbury who burned to death with her son inside of their New Jersey mansion, or this JPMorgan executive who was crushed by an SUV right in front of her kids. And the list goes on.

And then we have the jumpers, tons and tons of jumpers like Meseen Mubeam who was reported to have jumped off the tenth floor of his office building or Daniel Lief a Bank of Scotland manager who is said to have fallen 1,000 feet to his death off the edge of a cliff. There was no surname provided for this one but it's been shown that a high-up French banker also fell off the roof at work after questioning her superiors.

Kenneth Bolandro was a jumper. Twenty-eight-year-old Bitcoin CEO Autumn Radtke died after jumping, apparently, from a high rise in Singapore. And then there's Eddy Riley who didn't jump off a roof but was reported to have jumped in front of a train on Long Island. Lee Jun Gee was the second JPMorgan executive in two weeks to have ended up a stain on the sidewalk in front of JPMorgan's Hong Kong high rise and those were followed in England with Gabriel McGee jumping off JPMorgan's head office roof in London. Mike Duecker fell 50 feet off an embankment after hopping a fence on the side of the highway in Tacoma at night for some reason.

Robert Wilson jumped off the roof of his apartment in New York. Carl Slim, a financial advisor from England, flew out of his window from a 22nd floor hotel in Bangkok, which is strange because bank manager Michael Turner ate dinner in Bangkok just after that and dropped dead a few hours later from what looks like poisoning and he was also from England as well.

Plenty more jumpers. We don't have time to go over all of them but we'll go over a few of these cyclists, people riding bikes that are high-up executives are also getting hit and killed at an alarming rate. This one here, Amarques from Israeli investment firm Markstone Capital was hit on his bike in Israel in a hit and run as was JPMorgan banker Joseph Giampapa in Ohio and Venera Minakhmetova from Bank of America Merrill Lynch. And these are just a few.

It's an extensive list and that's just 2014. So you can go ( to check out that list. There's plenty more suspicion. But this year, 2015 hasn't been a pause. It is definitely business as usual. Actually just today the Daily Mail UK reported on a Wall Street investment banker named Thomas J. Hughes who threw a party and was found dead on the sidewalk 24 storeys below his apartment which is in New York I believe. But Thomas J. Hughes isn't alone in 2015 to say the least. There have been dozens more of these executives disappearing. It's literally an epidemic.

We had Michael Tabacchi from JPMorgan also - go figure - who was found in his bed dead beside his strangled wife and sleeping baby and of course it was ruled a murder/suicide. CEO Bob Thomas, a banker worth $573 million died suddenly just yesterday. Here's a Goldman Sachs executive who was beaten to death in a jazz club. Another bicycle rider killed from Citicorp in New York.

So basically if you're a banker these days it would be a good idea to start riding an exercise bike and avoid all roads whatsoever and move to the first floor of your building.

Here's one from Morgan Stanley. Brach bank manager found dead. A bank exec found dead in front of his home in the Caribbean. An Indian banker killed in the US by a truck speeding through a stop sign out of nowhere. This Mumbai banker was arrested and died in police custody. Another JPMorgan banker's wife was told he was okay after his train derailed and then she was told that he was dead the next day, having died at the scene. It's just so bizarre and so many and the list goes on.

Tiffany: Goes on and on.

Doug: Yeah, those ones are a little easier to connect.

Tiffany: Yeah, because they all worked for the financial industry and for years there's been talk about the coming economic crisis. One of the theories being pushed around is that there is going to be an economic reset that the elites are going to want to pull off and if these bankers had any information about that they could blow the whistle and make things difficult for these elite bankers. So I don't know. We do have a caller though. Let's get the caller on the line. Hello caller. Are you there? It sounds like the caller is NOT there.

Nope, no caller. Maybe they'll call back. All taken together, very, very suspicious, I'd say, the dead bankers, with all those suicides. I know there was talk of a lot of suicides before the great depression. These bankers killed themselves. It could have been the same story back then. Maybe they were pushed. One never knows, but of all of the little clumps of groups of people that we've been talking about the bankers are the most connected to me.

Doug: Yes. It could very well be just because of the numbers too, the sheer number of them. If you look at three climate scientists, yeah it's suspicious, especially since they were all in the same field and looking at the same stuff. But still you could be like, three might be coincidence. How many did he list off there? It must have been 50. And he wasn't even listing them all.

Tiffany: Yeah.

Doug: So in that situation it's kind of like yeah, there's clearly something going on there.

Erica: And the gruesome way that they died.

Tiffany: Yeah, and not just them alone but bringing their families into it in a lot of cases. This is just something that I thought of, but apparently it's not illegal for companies to take out life insurance policies on their employees and collect the dividends when their employees die.

Doug: Really!

Tiffany: I don't know if this is something coming from banks just trying to collect their money. It's really hard to say but that is a thing.

Doug: I think I remember reading that JPMorgan was one of the companies that actually does that.

Tiffany: Yeah.

Doug: It seems like maybe an extreme way, if that was the only motive. Let's just start knocking off our employees and collecting the insurance money?

Tiffany: It's not as if they can't just print money whenever they want to.

Doug: Exactly.

Tiffany: So money is not an issue. After how many billions, how much more money do you need?

Doug: Well I'm sure for them...

Tiffany: It's probably never enough.

Doug: Exactly.

Erica: Or sending a clear message to, for others that may be thinking that they wanted to share some sort of insider knowledge, with the economic crash that happened and being privy to that information and maybe people seeing it, they're going to think twice about sharing what they know.

Tiffany: How many do you have to kill for people to get the message?

Doug: Yeah, good question.

Tiffany: So all in all, there's really no consensus to be reached except that there's something fishy going on. Maybe with the doctors you could say that maybe one or two of them, especially Dr. Bradstreet, may have been onto something really big. But like we said before, a lot of people have been researching alternative healing methods that have worked and they're still alive. With the microbiologists and scientists, maybe there's something to the bioweapons that they were looking into and that was the reason for their deaths. And then with the bankers with the whole economic turmoil that's supposed to be coming up, maybe that's a reason. But we can never know for sure. There are some things that you just don't know. You can only speculate.

So do you have anything more?

Erica: Just more questions than any answers.

Doug: Exactly. Can we have some answers here please because this is all very confusing.

Tiffany: Maybe some of these bankers were upset about the dirty dealings that they did and decided to jump off a building or commit suicide in some other way. Maybe a small percentage of them.

Doug: An attack of conscience.

Tiffany: Yeah. Maybe that was going on in some cases.

Doug: Out of that entire list the guy gave I would maybe say one.

Tiffany: After you make your first few million I think if you were going to have a crisis of conscience it would have happened by then. Once you get into the $500 million mark pretty much all your empathy is probably gone at that point. So we can leave it up to the listeners to draw their own conclusions or continue to ask their questions. I'm sure there'll be a lot more stories coming out. There was one mention of Ebola. One of the doctors was an Ebola researcher. Whenever somebody says Ebola my ears prick up.

If you have an Ebola vaccine in the works, the whole Ebola thing blew up for a while and then it just went quiet and then recently there were a few more cases that they reported.

Doug: I was just going to say, Ebola doesn't really seem like a hot topic at this point. Maybe leading up to the release of the vaccine there'll be another crazy outbreak somewhere and everybody will be afraid for their lives.

Tiffany: So we do have Zoya's pet health segment to bring us back down to this routine, everyday goings on involving you and your cats.

Erica: And a swift change of topic.

Tiffany: Okay, we'll go ahead and play Zoya's pet health segment.

Zoya: Hello and welcome to the pet health segment of the Health and Wellness Show. Today I would like to share with you a short recording by Jackson Galaxy, a famous cat behaviour specialist where he explains how to train your cat not to wake you up and bother you in the early morning. Very important, right? Well, enjoy.

Jackson: Agatha Oliver - my husband is asthmatic so our cats, both 10 months have to stay out of our bedroom. One lad recently worked out how to open the door. He's really smart. Luckily the door has a lock but now he hangs off the handle, kicks the door loudly. She says she uses a lemon cut into discs, hangs them from the handle, keeps him off the door. It's amazing what we'll think of, right?

Basically she's saying that he's loud, he's keeping them up at night and her husband cannot let him in the room because he'll have an asthma attack. Jody Taggart says much the same thing. Jody says "Please address the issue of early morning meowing, meowing, meowing any other time of the day for what seems like no reason. This is important. My cat is 15 years old though is yelling at me.

Also Gail Meckley, "Our 9-year-old cat will not sleep at night. When I go to bed she curls up with me, sleeps for about an hour. After that she's roaming around, knocking things off the nightstand, dresser, walking across our heads, generally being noisy."

Gretchen Leach. Finally there's another one. "One of my cats always insists on waking me up very early in the morning, anytime from 1:00 to 4:00 a.m." Hello! What a sucky thing that is! But she says "If I get up and feed her then she'll leave me alone." Surprise! Surprise!

Let me answer these four as best I can. Remember, I'm being so nutshell here because I'm a bit on the clock. I think we have a bit of a YouTube problem if I go too long which is why I'm talking like I'm on speed. Here's the thing you guys. Cats have circadian rhythms just like any other creature so whether your cat, dog, canary, ferret, orangutan or human being, we all have circadian rhythms-body clocks.

Now here's the thing. They rise and they fall with the natural spikes of the territory. So for instance, we wake up in the morning, our animals wake up in the morning and the energy starts going crazy. And then we get home from work after a long day of looking at birds and sort of sleeping around and boom! they come up again.

There's a couple of things here. The important thing is that first of all you can affect that body clock by doing what? You know I talk about this every time. Play with your cats, wear them out for bed. Let's say you go to bed at 11:00. By about 9:00 you should be playing hard with your guys. Hunt, catch, kill. Then what happens? Feed them their dinner, a little late. So eat. Now if you're not feeding meals and you're free feeding shame on you because free feeding is a wasted opportunity. Food is a tool. Use your tools because once you regulate their digestion, you're regulating their energy. They should go to bed. Hunt, catch, kill, eat, groom, sleep. And they're sleeping with you.

So while you're waiting for that to take effect commit to this ritual. Give it about 10 days. I've told people this before. Do what I'm telling you for 10 days, two weeks. If on the 15th day of committing hardcore to this ritual your cats are still waking up at 2:00 in the morning, call me. Wake me up. That's how sure I am this is going to work.

Now here's the second part of this thing folks. You can't reward the behaviour. You can't get up and feed the cat. As long as there's something in it for them they're going to keep doing this. So what you need to do, unfortunately, is completely ignore your cats and that may be a sucky couple of weeks, but I'm sorry that's how it works. You have to extinguish the behaviour by making no reward. There's no positive, there's no negative, meaning there's no "Okay honey, I'm coming. Okay, okay, okay. It's 2:00 in the morning but I'll give you a meal just to shut you up." There's no throwing a shoe. There's no yelling and screaming "shut up!" Positive, negative, it doesn't matter. It's still attention. No attention means that the behaviour will extinguish itself. It just takes a little bit of time and consistency along with your pre-bed ritual. Two weeks and on the 15th day call me and wake me up at 4:00 in the morning.

Tiffany: That was pretty good advice. I'll put that into practice. Anyway, so I guess that's our show. Like we said we don't have any definite answers of course. All we have is theories. So I guess you can keep scoping the headlines, looking for more mysterious deaths and the only way that we can figure out what this all means is at the very end... {laughter}

Erica: It will all be revealed?

Tiffany: Yeah. It'll all come out in the wash eventually. So that's our show for today. We'll see you next week with another topic yet to be determined and make sure you tune in on Sunday for Behind the Headlines or The Truth Perspective. Thanks to all of our listeners. Thanks to our chatters. Thanks for the caller who failed to call. {laughter} We'll see you next time.