In 2003, the South American country of Chile was hit by a spate of reports of traumatic and terrifying encounters with flying monsters. One particularly fantastic incident occurred on the night of July 23. That was when three boys, Jonathan, Diego, and Carlos were having a sleepover at Diego's grandfather's house, which was situated near San Pedro de Atacama. They were woken from their sleep by the sound of scratching against the outside of the door to the yard. Tentatively, the brave trio got out of their beds and tiptoed to the door, carefully and quietly opened it, and peered into the darkness.

To their eternal horror, they were confronted by a horrific-looking beast standing at a distance of around fifty feet and staring directly at them. It was humanoid in shape, beaked, and around five feet in height. It had large bat-style wings that extended to a combined length of around eleven feet, and talons instead of toes. And its head was crested. As for its color, it was black and shiny, almost wet-like. It wasn't a local.

It's interesting - and probably not coincidental - to note that a few days earlier a man by the name of Juan Acuqa contacted police to tell them of his trauma-filled, late night encounter with a pair of strange animals in the Chilean town of Parral. "They were both dog-faced and had wings," Acuqa told the responding officers. And it wasn't just a sighting that Acuqa had: as he walked home, the monsters attacked him out of the sky and out of the blue, something which forced Acuqa to leap into a nearby canal to try and shake them off. Fortunately, it worked; although, he was briefly hospitalized for gashes inflicted by the flying, nightmarish things.

Around a month or so later, what were very possibly the same two creatures - along with another pair - were seen by the entire Abbett family, as they drove through Chile's Pampa Acha region. Such was the sheer weirdness of the appearance of the flying things, the family could only describe them as "dog-faced kangaroos" and as "gargoyles." Thankfully, the family was not attacked and the creatures swept by, above the road, with barely a glance in their direction. It was, to be sure, a most lucky escape.

It should also be noted that when the details of the 2003 wave in Chile became publicly known, more than a few investigators of strange creatures and paranormal activity suggested that Puerto Rico's infamous Chupacabra was clearly on the move and had made its way to Chile. It's not an unreasonable thing to muse upon. After all, some of the initial reports of the Chupacabra - and particularly those seen in the island's massive El Yunque rainforest - described seeing animals that had monkey-like bodies, that hopped like kangaroos, and which had large, leathery wings.

Of course, no-one was able to offer a viable explanation for how the Chupacabra had made it from Puerto Rico to Chile. The fact remains, however, that the Chilean monsters and those of Puerto Rico were astonishingly similar in appearance.