British Ambassador to Syria Peter Ford

Former British Ambassador to Syria Peter Ford
"Trump has just given jihadis a thousand reasons to stage fake flag operations," Peter Ford.

Former British Ambassador to Syria Peter Ford went on the BBC to explain why the chemical attack in the ISIS-Al Qaeda controlled town of Khan Sheikhoun was not committed by the Assad government.

Ford was the UK ambassador to Damascus from 2003-2006, so he actually has experience dealing with Assad and knowledge of Syria.

When the BBC host claimed that Assad is responsible for the chemical attack in Syria, saying, "That's a statement of fact, right?"

Ford countered with logic. Something western mainstream media has conveniently left out of the conversation as they ramp up for war. Peter Ford replied...
"It's a myth. It's a statement of non-fact."

"What's needed is an investigation, because there are two possibilities for what happened. One is the American version, that Assad dropped chemical weapons on this locality. The other version is that an ordinary bomb was dropped and it hit a munitions dump where jihadis were storing chemical weapons. We don't know which of these two possibilities is the correct one."

"Remember the run up to Iraq. The experts, the intelligence agencies, the politicians were convinced that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. They produced reams of evidence, photographs, diagrams. They were all wrong. It was all wrong. It's possible that they are wrong in this instance as well. That they are just looking for a pretext to attack Syria."
Ford continued...
"I don't leave my brains at the door when I examine a situation analytically. I try to be objective."

"And based on previous experience, including Iraq, we can see that we cannot take at face value what the so-called intelligence experts tell us when they have an agenda."

"Trump has just given the jihadis a thousand reasons to stage fake flag operations. Seeing how successful and how easy it is, with a gullible media, to provoke the West into intemperate reactions."

"They [the rebels - Al-Qaeda and ISIS] will very likely stage an operation similar to what they did - and this was documented by the United Nations in August last year - they mounted a chlorine gas attack on civilians and tried to make it look like a regime operation."

"It will happen and we will get all the warmongers coming to tell us that Assad is defying us and we most go in more heavily into Syria."
The BBC host, obviously taken aback by hearing such reason, logic, and truth...he could only go along with Ford until the segment wrapped up, asking Ford, "With your expertise - it's worth saying, you are a former Ambassador to Syria - with your knowledge of Bashar al-Assad and his regime in that country, what do you think his reaction to this will be?"

Ford's reply...
"Assad may be cruel, brutal...but he's not mad. It defies belief that he would bring this all on his head for no military advantage, the site that was hit had no military significance, it made absolutely no sense. It angered the Russians. For no other reason, it's simply not plausible."

"We will all pay the consequences. The oil price will spike. There will very likely be more use, not less use, of chemical weapons, as a result of this. And, this is also important, the Russians and the Syrians will give less co-operation in the fight against ISIS."