5G technology
5G technology involves the nationwide rollout of thousands of antennas to be used in conjunction with the various supporting appliances and applications in the wireless mobile network. There are, however, serious growing health, safety and environmental concerns over this developing technology.

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has given the okay for the telecommunication industry to operate the 5G (fifth generation) technology using new spectral frontiers, making the USA the first country in the world to do so: However, operation on this new higher frequency electromagnetic spectrum range has never been evaluated for how it will impact humans or animals and the environment.

Quite an appalling circumstance when considering the current wireless technology with its electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) is known to disrupt biological integrity and cause ill health. People's exposures to EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) have been known to result in, for examples, neurological effects, brain tumours, learning difficulties, nervous, hormonal and behavioural problems... It has been said that the same will happen with 5G technology. What about children? They are more susceptible than adults because their smaller bodies take in higher EMF radiation. Thus, if allowed, 5G will be another addition to the list of silent killers associated with deceptively harmful technology.

In short, the globalists have a depopulation agenda and they want to cull us off slowly because they can make a lot of money out of it along the way.

The new 5G technology, with the mobile network, will change from operating on microwaves at somewhere around 3GHz to the higher millimetre waves such as 40GHz. Millimetre waves can have completely different biological effects. They have been used as military weapons! Armies have directed high intensity millimetre waves on the enemy, causing them the sensation of skin burn while also affecting sweat ducts. Further, for some years, low intensity millimetre devices have been used in Russia for therapeutic treatment, to alter the patient's cell metabolism...

Because the new 5G technology pulses more with a higher frequency it has the potential to increase the likelihood of ill health and make it happen faster. Besides the above-mentioned illnesses, potential harm through 5G technology also includes cognitive decline such as Alzheimer's disease, damage to DNA, cancers such as breast cancer... and much more. Is this the future you want for you, your family and friends? Is the convenience of faster download speeds from 5G really worth it?

Besides ill health, having ties to the Transhumanist agenda, 5G serves to link up not only the devices but also humans worldwide into what has been called the Internet of Things, a phrase coined by ex-CIA chief David Petraeus. The Internet of Things is far more than meets the eye. It's a deception. A euphemism for the plans to enslave us in an all-encompassing inescapable technological control grid prison: Unable to escape the control grid, our every thought and movement will be monitored and controlled... All consistent with the technocrats' technocracy agenda.
5G lawsuit
Take Action

Remember, 5G technology will be coming to your area. Politicians having political self-interests tied in to the wireless corporations have already sold and will continue to sell their souls to the industry to make the technology happen, regardless of the health risks. Thus, the 5G technology is a health crisis waiting to happen, unless you take action to stop it. How about taking action NOW?

Satisfied that you have educated yourself, having done the necessary research on the dangers, spread the word to others; tell your family and friends. Form discussion groups, use social media, start emailing, get a petition going... Get in touch with your local political representatives to stop this highly dangerous millimetre wave poisoning technology from rolling out. Demand more adequate safety standards and appropriate testing for wireless technology... whatever it takes.
Here's some encouragement for activists. Some people are awake enough to realize what's going on: A number of Ohio mayors and managers have got together and asserted their authoritative muscle. They have taken legal action against the wireless companies, preventing the erecting of the 5G cell towers and related facilities in 17 Ohio cities.

Then there's at least one area in the USA that has expressed concerns. Recently, in Massachusetts, to protect its citizens, there's been a call for corrective legislation regarding wireless health and safety ...

The following video well summarizes the gravity of the situation. Remember, there will be an illness explosion if no action is taken to stop the 5G technology.