Attacked in

Attacked in "separatist-held" territory? Must be the Russians...
In honor of Lindsey Graham's brilliant "year of offensive" and "kicking Russia in the ass", Ukraine is now lobbing mortars at OSCE monitors in Donbass — and apparently with total impunity.

But Washington has found a very shrewd way to avoid using "Ukraine" and "war crime" in the same sentence. Our American friends even succeeded in hinting that perhaps "combined Russian-separatist" forces were responsible for attacking monitors in "separatist-held" territory. Because that makes sense.

According to Washington, it's impossible to determine with 100 percent certainty exactly who (or what) attacked the monitors as they observed "repairs of a gas line on separatist-held territory":

U.S. mission to the OSCE
Well played. The "forces" responsible for attacking monitors in East Ukraine should be "held to account". Yes, "forces". What kind of forces? Where are they from? Who funds them and trains them? Nobody knows. It's a complete and total mystery.

What we do know is that "combined Russian-separatist" forces threatened OSCE monitors. When did this happen? And what are the circumstances surrounding these alleged "threats"? These details are not important.

To recap: An actual mortal attack was carried out by unnamed "forces" against OSCE monitors. But far more outrageous are the vague, unsubstantiated "threats" committed by "combined Russian-separatist" forces. Any questions?