Lies, lying, you lie
© Nicholas Noyes & Banksy
On this episode of The Health and Wellness Show we explore the topic of lies, liars and lying. Some people are compulsive liars. Others are pathological liars. But everyone lies and has done so since childhood. We lie to grease the social wheels, to protect others feelings, to make ourselves feel good, to obtain some personal benefit, and sometimes even for the heck of it.

Given that lying is part of human makeup and the social landscape, there have been numerous books written and talks given on detecting lies. However, it turns out that humans aren't so good at detecting them. History is rife with tales of people being bamboozled. On a societal level we are swimming in an ocean of lies. What are the effects of such falsity? Does lying and believing in lies affect our brains? Are there ever times when lying is necessary?

Join us for a dose of the truth about lies and stay tuned, as always, for Zoya's Pet Health segment where the topic will be lies about the dosage of the mandatory rabies vaccine.

Running Time: 01:19:50

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