John McCain with Ukraine Facists
Forgot the fake scandal about Trump. The real scandal is all about John McCain.

The last time Donald Trump was in Moscow was in 2013. He came to promote his Miss. Universe beauty contest. The last time John McCain was in Kiev was less than two weeks ago. There, he met with many of the soldiers who are slaughtering civilians in Donbass as well as leaders of the fascist regime. The contrast could not be clearer.

Donald Trump has few significant connections to Russia, whilst McCain has many profound connections with the fascist regime in Kiev. He helped them get into power, he was there cheering on the coup. Therefore, why has no one accused McCain of being a Ukrainian agent, working to destabilize American democracy in the name of a corrupt foreign power?

With John McCain now admitting he received the fake dossier about Trump from an anonymous source in the British secret service (British tabloid Daily Mail are reporting it was Christopher Steele), it could be justifiably said that McCain is trying to sow the seeds of political civil war within the Republic Party of which both he and Trump are members.

There are however, wider implications here. McCain strikes me as more than a sore loser vis-à-vis Trump. He strikes me as a genuine fanatic whose extreme views on Ukrainian fascism could undermine both Trump and American security, if they were taken seriously.

Increasingly, the American public who declared McCain a 'loser' in his attempts to become President, see the world through the eyes of Trump. However, many in the deep state remain sympathetic to McCain style fanaticism. It is why as Donald Trump alleged, the intelligence agencies were irresponsible in leaking the bogus dossier that McCain handed to them with glee.

The very least that Trump ought to do with McCain is 'fire him' from the Republican Party. It would be one thing for a Democrat to behave as McCain is behaving, but to have this from someone in Trump's own party is beyond political inconvenience, it is political treason and maybe worse even than that.

What's more, the fake stream media are again complicit in sharing a fake story which seeks to defame Donald Trump's character, whilst ignoring the real story of how a prominent US Senator helped, in a very personal capacity, to overthrow the legitimate government in Kiev whilst acting as a cheerleader and assistant to the rise of a fascist regime, currently engaged in ethnic cleansing in Donbass.

McCain rhymes with insane. The similarities don't end there.