Snow camels
Snow fell over the northern part of Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, December 20, 2016.

You don't believe me? Look at these pictures and videos captured by residents of different towns in Northern Borders Region, close to Jordan.

After Algeria and the Sahara Desert, it is now the northern part of Saudi Arabia that is covered by snow... Another weather anomaly!

Heavy snow fall suspended daily life in northern areas as temperature fell below freezing point on December 20, 2016 afternoon.

Snow in Saudi Arabia
Snow in Saudi Arabia

According to reports, snow fell in Turaif, Qurayyat, Ha'il region and other areas of the country.

Saudi Meteorologist department suggested the citizens to avoid unnecessary journey outside.

The Meteorological office said that the current wave of cold will remain for more 24 hours in the area.

Snow fall covering the desert is anomalous; Everyone, even experts, converge on that one point.

Desert snow