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© ReutersDemocratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile and U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.
Wikileaks delivers on its Donna Brazile surprise.

Wikileaks just blew apart DNC Chair Donna Brazile.

Remember when DNC Chair and former CNN employee Donna Brazile emailed the Clinton campaign ahead of a town hall meeting to give the heads up that...
"From time to time I get the questions in advance".
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Then Donna had this heated exchanged with FOX News' Megyn Kelly, where Brazile is obviously lying, trying to divert and dodge the questions...and of course blame Russia for all her problems.

As Donna tried to lie her way out of her very own corrupt ways, Wikileaks warned the DNC chair that a surprise was on its way.


The Daily Caller reports...
Donna Brazile, the interim chair of the Democratic National Committee, began providing town hall and debate questions to the Clinton campaign earlier than previously known, emails released by WikiLeaks on Monday show.

The email threads also show that Brazile, a former CNN contributor, revealed to the Clinton campaign the name of the person who provided her with a question that was asked of Clinton at a March 13 town hall co-hosted by CNN and TV One. Brazile also shared a question from a debate hosted by CNN a week earlier.
Zerohedge reports...
Now, the latest WikiLeaks dump reveals that it wasn't just a one-off thing. The following email from Brazile, sent one day prior to a March 6th debate with Bernie, shows yet another occasion of her providing an advanced peak at debate questions to the Hillary campaign. We can't imagine that Bernie supporters are very happy that this is the person chosen to takeover the leadership position at the DNC after Schultz was pushed out for showing favoritism toward the Clinton campaign.
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Transcript from the New York Times, show that Hillary Clinton was well prepared for a question from Lee-Anne Walters about lead poisoning.

Hillary had statistics ready about 500k children having "lead in their bodies".

As Zerohedge sarcastically further adds...those are just stats that most people have on the top of their minds.
COOPER: I want to go to Lee-Anne Walters. This is Lee-Anne Walters. She was one of the first people to report problems with the water in Flint. One of her twin boys stopped growing. Her daughter lost her hair.

She says she's undecided, and has a question for both of you to answer, but we'll start with Senator Sanders. Ms. Walters?

QUESTION: After my family, the city of Flint and the children in D.C. were poisoned by lead, will you make a personal promise to me right now that, as president, in your first 100 days in office, you will make it a requirement that all public water systems must remove all lead service lines throughout the entire United States, and notification made to the โ€” the citizens that have said service lines.

SANDERS: I will make a personal promise to you that the EPA and the EPA director that I appoint will make sure that every water system in the United States of America is tested, and that the people of those communities know the quality of the water that they are drinking, and that we are gonna have a plan to rebuild water systems in this country that are unsafe for drinking. COOPER: Let me just point out for accuracy's sake, there is 10 million lead service pipes delivering water to people all across this country tonight. Secretary Clinton?

CLINTON: Well, I agree completely. I want to go further though. I want us to have an absolute commitment to getting rid of lead wherever it is because it's not only in water systems, it's also in soil, and it's in lead paint that is found mostly in older homes. That's why 500,000 children today have lead โ€” lead in their bodies.

So, I want to do exactly what you said. We will commit to a priority to change the water systems, and we will commit within five years to remove lead from everywhere.

We were making progress on this in the 1990's. I worked with then Senator Obama to get more money, more support to do more to remove lead.