Destroyed buildings in Homs
© RT
RT has visited the Syrian city of Homs, which used to be home to over 600,000 people, but was turned into apocalyptic wasteland by years of fighting between the government, rebels and terrorist groups.

The ancient city is now "lifeless as far as the eye can see," RT's Murad Gadziev said as he walked through the ruins of Homs. "People have gone and they're not coming back any time, as there's not a lot to comeback to," he said.

Homs, in western Syria, was liberated from the militants in December 2015 after three years of heavy fighting.

"The battle for Homs was especially brutal" with tanks, artillery and bombs planted by terrorists in tunnels dug under buildings, Gadziev said. "They fought for every street, for every house, in some cases, for every room."

"I've looked around here for hours and hours, I haven't seen a single house that escaped the fighting... The most awful part about this is the total silence," he said.