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The Case of Steven Greer

Steven Greer
Steven Greer
Perhaps you've heard of the Disclosure Project. Headed by Dr. Steven Greer, it was/is an interesting attempt at requesting that the U.S. Government make available all the information it has on UFOs and 'extraterrestrial' visitations. The Disclosure Project made compelling use of credible eyewitnesses - individuals in the fields of military, intelligence, industry, etc. - who gave testimony of UFO sightings and interactions strongly suggesting that elements of the government must know what's going on - but are also deliberately suppressing knowledge of the alien reality to the public.

As stated, the Disclosure Project aspires to some very lofty and noble goals. One of these is to make alien technology, which is believed to be in the possession of the US military, available to the public. It is thought that there exist elements of the U.S. government and military industrial complex that have reverse-engineered alien spacecraft they are in possession of and are secretly using them for militaristic and nefarious purposes only (which is probably true enough). And should the 'zero point' energy technology they surely possess be shared with the world, there would no longer be any need for the shady dealings involved with the business of fossil fuels. (As an aside, it is probably no coincidence that the subject of alien technology getting into public hands was one of the sub-plots of the new X-Files story, suggesting how the show seems so informed by the main tenets of the Disclosure Project - both of which began in 1993.)

Other goals held by the organization are: "To enact legislation which will ban all space-based weapons" and to "enact comprehensive legislation to research, develop and explore space peacefully and cooperatively with all cultures on Earth and in space". These are all things that most peace-loving and normal people would have a hard time objecting to. However, underneath these paradigm-changing aspirations is Greer's position that this same secret government clique has an adversarial relationship with the aliens, and that if only these war-like human groups could understand that E.T. is our friend, just waiting for us to evolve, humanity would be welcomed into the galactic family with open arms.

Greys all cute and cuddley
Look at how cute and cuddly the greys are!
Greer actually takes this a step further and organizes outings with his acolytes in CSETI (the Center for the Study of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, co-founded by Greer in 1990) in order to make telepathic contact with the visitors. With something like a messiah complex, he aims to be Earth's ambassador to the benevolent aliens who only seek to protect us and see us evolve. The huge assumption here obviously is that those beings he is seeking to reach actually are benevolent, and that, by sheer virtue of the mission he thinks he's on, he'll be 'the one' to guide the world into some kind of galactic brotherhood by establishing a good connection to them. Needless to say, this imagined role would seem to require an ego the size of Mt. Krakatoa, but it also reveals an enormous amount of ignorance and wishful thinking on the part of him and his followers. This is where it gets more interesting.

You see, Greer thinks that alien abductions are generally all faked and manufactured by the same groups who have a hold on the advanced technology mentioned above. In his view, this is being done to pave the way for a faked alien invasion in case the human baddies of our planet ever want to ramp the fear level up another notch and consolidate control over more masses of people (which, in and of itself, is not out of the realm of possibility). If there are any abductions that are authentic, he likens them to the trauma experienced by a disoriented patient in a hospital emergency room. Since aliens are presumably so "advanced", why would they want to do anything to hurt us? They must only be studying us like humans study animals in the wild, and we just don't fully understand their perspective.

Perhaps if Greer had done more research and shown some humility towards his work he would be thinking more along the lines of famed researcher Charles Fort, who came to this conclusion:
"The Earth is a farm. We are someone else's property."
While this can't be true in absolute, literal terms - as we are, after all, aware and awake enough to think about all this - we would do well to consider to what extent Fort's statement is valid.

mind control
Mind control: Our thoughts and perceptions can be hacked into more easily than we may know
Getting back to Greer though, here's the thing: He isn't necessarily all wrong. Somewhere along the way of interviewing people for DP (or perhaps through other channels), someone quite probably told him of a black budget project for human-manufactured "alien abductions". He may have even been shown 'evidence' for such an operation. It isn't outside the realm of possibility, or even plausibility. The secret government involved in managing the alien-presence narrative here may also be perpetrating - via advanced technology - mind-control over people who have dreams or experiences designed to simulate the experience of an "alien abduction". Considering how far mind-control technology has come, it is not so far-fetched an idea as it might appear. They may even kidnap people periodically and drug them up. Whether Greer was told about a program such as this or he came to the conclusion on his own, he interpreted it to mean that this was an effort to demonize our 'space brothers', because we're so darned backward, and the US is always looking for an "enemy". But he ran with it, gravely mistaking one important piece of the puzzle for the bigger picture.

I think the purpose of faking abductions is quite opposite to what Greer assumes. It is not to demonize aliens, but to obscure what they actually are doing and water it down until it seems benign. In intelligence circles this is called perception management or psy-ops.

Imagine thousands of people being made to think they had one of these experiences, but who were ultimately left unharmed (unlike what's been described by the real abductees earlier). Then imagine that many of these duped individuals - who claim to have been abducted - saying to researchers: "but hey, I feel fine". What these stories do is usurp the place of authentic stories among the many books and testimonies on the subject. The sense of danger and trauma inherent in so many real alien abductions gets lost in a sea of noise. And If that isn't the actual intention, it is at least the effect. This isn't to say that there isn't or can't be some level of harm inflicted upon those who are duped into believing they've been abducted though. Their experiences are just, by their very nature, probably of a different order and quality.

By way of analogy, let's review what the U.S. government is now doing in Syria. The White House press staff and its deaf, dumb and blind flunkies in the mainstream media continue to parrot and perpetuate the myth of "moderate rebel" groups in contradistinction to ISIS/Daesh - as though one were better than the other, as though pretty much the same parties and methods weren't involved, and as though one had legitimate grievances against the Assad government, and the other is just evil. We are presented with a false dichotomy when, at the end of the day, we know that the American Empire is actively supporting both types of groups towards the same goals.

Since most of the public is abysmally ignorant of the real situation on the ground, the neocon/NATO war planners can continue to play up the "moderate rebel" angle diplomatically and militarily, while also facilitating their covert-yet-clear-as-day support of ISIS/Daesh forces. In the end, under cover of supporting the propped-up "moderates," the US is still working towards its original objective: the toppling of the Assad government and the 'abduction' of Syria as a sovereign state. Similarly, the secret government (in conjunction with the malevolent 'aliens', perhaps?) have created bogus alien abductions - via mind control and advanced psyops - to create a screen for authentic alien abductions. These screens or synthetic interactions still ultimately serve the larger odious agenda of the aliens and their human servants, however. Of course, there is no official White House position on alien abduction, but you get the point.

Betty and Barney Hill
Barney Hill drawings
Remember the proliferation of pictures of gray bug-eyed aliens mentioned in Part I of this article? A little history: prior to the late 70s/early 80s, no one really described the typical gray alien. Abduction encounters had been described since the 60s with all the features that later abductions described: missing time, medical procedures, 'phantom' pregnancies, etc. But the beings weren't described as uniformly. For example, here's the being Barney Hill described from his 1961 abduction. It has some features of the standard gray (nostrils but no nose, no ears, vestigial mouth, no hair), but not others (pronounced cranium, huge black eyes). Others described UFO occupants that more resembled mythical dwarfs than skeletal grays. So what changed?

There are several possibilities: 1) the image of the bug-eyed gray is false, created by the 'Syndicate' as part of this same disinformation program, 2) grays are real, and the early occupant descriptions were screen memories, in which case it is possible that more intense study and better hypnotic techniques identified the real culprits. If the first option is true, then many later, post-70s abductions (including those of Karla Turner and her family, and those studied by herself, Ray Fowler, Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs, and others) could be victims of this mind-control program. If the second option is true, that doesn't discount the possibility that the image of these grays has simply been hijacked (and perhaps exaggerated to the cartoonish image we're all familiar with) by a program such as the one I just described. In that case, perhaps the 'Syndicate' has ways of tracking real abductees and targeting them with 'fake' abductions. Or, the 'signal' is sent out in such a way as to give real and non-real abductees false memories of more benign abductions, all just to confuse any coherent understanding these individuals may be coming to - to give a false representation of what real abductions are all about.

There are many possibilities, and all we can really do is speculate as to what is really going on. But given the relative newness of the alien image, I wouldn't be surprised if the alien caricature was actually put out there by the real 'Syndicate' as a part of this same disinformation program. Perhaps there are beings that bear some resemblance to the typical bug-eyed alien, but it has been blown way out of proportion. What if this now ubiquitous and highly promulgated image of these beings is the 'screen' mentioned above; and the idea of the big-eyed little green man was the deception - conditioning individuals to only accept that visage as "the real thing"?

This is yet another layer in the secret government/alien psy-ops that is being perpetrated on people. Consider this: if it's so easy to disinform the vast majority of the world's citizens about the real mechanisms of war on our planet, imagine how much easier it is for beings of such immense power to influence and control their human minions and others (who are relatively powerless in comparison) to assist in shaping the alien abduction narrative the way they want it.

Remember what Jacobs wrote:
The UFO phenomenon was the only physical occurrence that we have ever encountered that actively dictates the terms upon which it could be studied. I did not understand that our inability to study the phenomenon was part of a calculated program to hide its activities and purpose.
We have been using Steven Greer's example here because he is one of the best known and most seemingly "credible" of the "ETs are all our friends" bunch. But there are many others who, in various ways and in various guises, confuse the issues horribly. The bottom line here is that claiming all abductions are perpetrated by secret agencies of the government would be just as erroneous as saying that no agencies perpetrate these deceptions. As I mentioned in my last article on this subject, there is much to know aside from the mere fact that the UFOs are real and that the 'aliens' are here. One's time could not be better spent than by getting further acquainted with this complicated topic by reading Laura Knight-Jadczyk's High Strangeness: Hyperdimensions & The Process Of Alien Abduction. It is there that you will not only find a sympathetic voice - if you've been avoiding such a distressing and seemingly fantastical subject - but come away with far more knowledge that may, at some point, assist you with protecting yourself and those you love.