Puerto Rico meteor fireball
© YouTube/kevinizooropa (screen capture)
A greenish bright meteor was visible from several areas of the island on the night of July 26, 2016, reported the Caribbean Astronomical Society (SAC). The educational institution conducted an analysis suggesting it was a meteor Alfa Capricornids, a slight meteor shower associated with comet debris 169P / NEAT.

Although Capricornids Alfa is not a meteor shower well known and is not intense, it can produce bright meteor. A curious fact is that gradually the area of ​​waste comet 169P / NEAT will be in the future closer to the path where the Earth orbits the sun. Both, estimated could produce "meteor storms", ie showers very intense meteor from the year 2220 so our distant descendants will be those who will enjoy such intense spectacle of nature.

Meanwhile, we can make do with seeing a few that will be visible in the next few nights. On these nights some related to light rain and Alfa Delta Aquarid meteors will be Capricornids while in mid-August will be the Perseids, which is anticipated this could be more active than usual year, the SAC said.

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