Pedophilia rings
For years it's been rumored that the globalist elite are involved in some pretty strange practices, from mock sacrificing a baby at Bohemian Grove to the testimony that a child was actually murdered in a Bohemian Grove ritual. The testimony and evidence in this article prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the allegations of Bohemian Grove are just the tip of the iceberg.

Bohemian Grove

Paul Bonacci once told investigators Gary Caradori, Ted L. Gunderson, and ex-Senator and attorney John Decamp that he was forced to murder a boy at the creepy California resort Bohemian Grove.

Here's is Bonacci's testimony on Child Murder at Bohemian Grove:

The former Los Angeles FBI Director Ted L. Gunderson expanded that accusation with the famous Macdonald Douglas Case. Helena Stoeckley testified in the case to all that goes on behind closed doors โ€” including satanic robes, blood sacrifices, and more. The MacDonald Douglas Case documented evidence of an elite cult that included military, police, and justice system officials smuggling drugs and performing occult rituals. Stoeckley testified that Dr. MacDonald fought this gang and tried to stop the smuggling โ€” and was subsequently framed for the murder of his wife and two daughters (5 years old and 2 years old). MacDonald was tried at a military tribunal and convicted. Helena Stoeckley testified that the murders were part of her initiation into The Process Church of The Final Judgment.

In another case called "The Finders," Director Gunderson claimed CIA connected "elite" were kidnapping and drugging kids in an operation called Operation Brownstone.

Gunderson resume
Pattern of Abuse Around the World

Another witness in Australia, Fiona Barnett, matches the claims made by Stoeckley and Bonacci, alleging she was part of a VIP pedophile ring. Barnett described the debauchery that goes on, and said this โ€” "He cut off the head, hung it in my face and made me partake in cannibalism."

Another case Director Gunderson was investigating was the "McMartin Pre-School", where investigators dug up the school and found tunnels and skeletons. Incredibly, a similar case emerged recently in Ireland where a septic tank at a Catholic orphanage was found full of piles and piles of bodies. The causes of death included tuberculosis, undernourishment, pneumonia, neglect and abuse.

The Catholics' explanation for those 800 dead babies found in a septic tank? "There's a lot of speculation as to what went on in the home following these recent revelations," Monsignor Sean Green, spokesperson for the Irish branch of the Catholic Church's "Scandal Containment Unit," explained.

The Truth Starts to Leak

Recently, a rock star seemingly confirmed the age-old secret suspicion of the rich and powerful elite's involvement in sacrifice rituals sometimes involving children โ€” that purport to date back to ancient Sumerian times.

Ralph Rieckermann, the former bassist for the Scorpions, admitted he has been to an elite snuff "fetish" party in Germany, where wealthy guests would attend and pay $100,000 to watch or participate in murder โ€” and other horrific activities he wouldn't even repeat. What was more sickening than live murder โ€” child rape?

What Rieckermann saw was the "Magick" spilling of the blood of the innocent โ€” and the pure chemical of adrenaline found only in the human body. Absolute insanity.

Interestingly enough, Rieckermann then tried to retract what he said, saying it was misunderstood in a video he uploaded to YouTube. If true, why not sue TMZ for slander like everyone else? Also who jokes like that? He looked 100% serious.

Major Cracks in the Pedophile Ring

Former Pope Benedict's sudden resignation is speculated by many to have stemmed from rampant child abuse. These accusations are supported by a number of witnesses and a shocking story that got no air time in the mainstream media โ€” that the former Pope Benedict's brother abused at least 231 children at a catholic boys choir.

In another major outing of the pedophile culture, Scotland Yard obtained video evidence of a UK Politician "Murdering a Child in a bizarre ritual." A Scotland Yard official said "these accusations are true" - and another 261 prominent people including politicians and TV stars are suspected of partaking in the horrific evil of child abuse/murder. Some have speculated the criminal ritual is used as a form of blackmail to compromise individuals - and that high level people are preventing prosecutions.

The U.K. probe known as Operation Midlands was shut down in March for "insignificant evidence" despite a quote from MP John Mann saying "that the victim total could be in the many tens of thousands." The probe had video evidence, and several victim's testimonies, including Alex Wheatle , Steven George , George Smith ,Darren , Thomas , Nick , and several additional witnesses. The claims are backed up by retired Scotland yard detectives . Yet the probe was shut down, and at least 114 documents just vanished.

One document that turned up after 30 years showed that the Thatcher government knew and was told about the Westminster officials' odd sexual behaviors. The CIA and KGB even knew about what was going on and hoped to blackmail the VIP pedophile ring in exchange for information.

Sixteen MP's were named in a 1984 dossier of VIP pedophile abusers documenting the influence that the the Pedophile Information Exchange lobby had on Westminster. A whistle-blower goes further to state that 20 powerful elitists abused children for decades, including a female MP. The ultimate goal of the pedophile lobby was to lower the age of consent and push the pedophilia agenda, which several people tried to do.

Even the High Court judge to the Queen, Lord Justice Fulford, tried to lower the age of consent to four. Absolutely sick and twisted โ€” four years old.

Another official, Patricia Hewitt, former Labour cabinet minister, was caught trying to push the pedophile's agenda to make incest legal and lower the age of consent to the age of 10.

The Pedophile inquiries which include investigations into Kincora house , Elm Guest House , Dolphin Square , St. Helena and the Lambeth Town Hall basement were covered up and ignored to protect the establishment from embarrassment, just like other investigations. Investigators were told to back off investigating because a royal was suspected to be involved and several others even warned police, including MP John Mann . Buckingham Palace and Balmoral Castle have even come up in the current investigation as a witness has claimed he was sexually assaulted there at the age of 16.

Put simply this is utterly disgusting.. Children are being put below politics, because psychopaths are in control and believe that they are entitled to abuse people . It's even alleged that they used children's foster homes as a supply to fulfill their sick urge.

Actor and comedian Russell Brand did a very good expose on the UK Pedophilia scandal. So did Australia's 60 minutes and another Australian comedy show called "The Last Leg". Using comedy to shed light on a dark subject is an old practice made well known by comedian's like George Carlin.

Jimmy Savile and the BBC

Oh and speaking of entertainers, who can forget ole Jimmy Savile?

The sick entertainer with royal connections raped dozens of kids - including a boy who was just two years old - while working at the BBC.

Decades ago, journalist Jill Dando alleged the BBC might be involved in a pedophilia ring. Then Jill Dando was found dead on her front doorstep.

Jill Dando was assassinated under orders of someone called Mr.BIG, but the police failed to even follow the suspects to find out who murdered her. She is far from the only person killed or threatened to cover up these elite pedophile rings, and this is only a fraction of how many people have been murdered to keep this thing covered up โ€” even an SNP activist was killed .

What kind of sick twisted monsters rape a two year old? A satanic pedophile ring does and there is proof Savile was involved in a Satanic Pedophile Ring.

Although, there have been several historic victories in the UK exposing some of these pedophiles, like Lord Janner and Cyril Smith, this stories are somehow just scratching the surface of the guilty parties involved in such horrific unspeakable acts. Other cases continue to be covered up and hushed as various links to the pedophiles setting up their own inquiries by friends have shown. Investigations have been outright shut down as 30 former detectives have testified.

How has all this been kept secret? When they can't simply murder witnesses and victims to shut them up, these sick psychopaths have infiltrated into every part of society and call on judges, law enforcement, and media to cover for them.

With the advent of social media, even publications like TIME have been forced to report on the allegations swarming the UK. We Are Change and independent media won't stay silent and neither should any potential whistleblower.

The good thing about such massive exposure is that these disgusting practices by current politicians are now known and harder for the elite to partake in. It also sets them all up for failure if one gets caught - it will be like a domino effect. This will set things into motion to re-open investigations into whistleblower deaths and the living victims will be brought forward. No longer victim's testimonies be "accidentally" permanently deleted .

So be afraid Sir Nicholas Fairbairn , Peter Righton , Sir Peter Morrison , Leon Leon Brittan , Peter Hayman , John Allen , Keith Harding , Mr Herman (Prince Philips Former Aide), Doug Richard (David Cameron's Adviser), Harvey Proctor , Enoch Powell , Bishop - Peter Ball , Paul Kidd (Royal Butler), Michael John Carroll , Peter Righton , Greville Janner , and Edward Heath (Former Prime Minister).

Be afraid, pedophiles of Hollywood and Washington, D.C.

The Franklin Cover Up will be exposed. The White House call boy ring involving the Reagan and Bush administrations will be exposed. Eighty different children came forward claiming to be involved in a large scale child kidnapping ring. Four of the victims and photographer Rusty Nelson testified. All claimed the reach of the pedo ring went deep into government.

VIP ring
The evidence is seemingly endless.

John DeCamp - The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism & Murder in Nebraska:

NBC Tom Brokaw, 1989 "White House Call Boy Scandal" Reagan/Bush White House Pedophile ring:

Pedophilia in Bush/Reagan White House Call Boy Ring Rusty Nelson Interview:

There was a documentary set to be aired called the "Conspiracy of Silence" on the Discovery Channel, but that documentary was canceled at the last minute and all copies bought up until a copy leaked online years later...showing the influence these pedophiles have on the media. Not only that but several people were threatened, murdered or imprisoned to keep this sick secret hushed up.

Conspiracy of Silence BANNED TV Documentary:

The Franklin Cover-Up & Johnny Gosch Story:

Don't think for a minute that the pedophilia accusations end there โ€” more recently known is Jeffrey Epstein and pals' pedophilia adventures at Lolita Express and Lolita Island. Of course covered up by the feds because its involving some very big names...including Bill Clinton.

Over the years, Bill Clinton was on a plane with Jeffrey Epstein more then 26 times and he ditched his Security detail too.. how lovely! Now he's accused of underage sex by Epstein's ex-sex slave Virginia Roberts.. keep it up Bill! Another person that Virginia Roberts has accused was Prince Andrew. Roberts claims she had an orgy with him and eight other girls .

Elijah Woods and Corey Feldman

The exposure of the elite's dark secret has truly only just begun.

Actor Elijah Woods said Hollywood is about to be gripped by a scandal comparable to Jimmy Savile. Another Actor, Corey Feldman has said "I Would Love to Name, Names." In a twitter exchange with Corey we learn why he won't name names, as it seems these sick pedophiles have likely threatened to murder or harm Corey's kids if he comes forward.

I stand with Corey and all those witnesses who want to come forward and will assist anyone who has information they want to go public. My source who will remain nameless leaked me information in Hollywood before regarding a castle with hidden rooms โ€” where a woman was brutally anally raped multiple times. She had to have her sphincter stitched up.

Also leaked to me via another inside Hollywood source was an uncensored copy of the movie "An Open Secret" - this copy of which is Amy Berg's Masterpiece โ€” before the edits came. She was sued for libel by the pedophiles who confessed on hidden camera to their disgusting acts and how open it was in Hollywood and "normal".

The movie an Open Secret documents Hollywood's obsession with child sex abuse. You can find the film by by googling my twitter handle "Akilluminati." It's time to get the world talking about elite pedophilia and snuff parties and break down the taboo wall so more whistleblowers can step forward to tell their shocking stories.

My goal is to show the general public that this goes on globally and to give a voice to the voiceless and an outlet for them.

The State Department

DYNCORP was found to have trafficked children, and continued to receive government contracts. Congresswoman Cynthia Mckinney asked then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld why this corporation continues to receive funding. His answer admitted abuse happened.

Further information on DYNCORP's trafficking of children can be found from a whistle-blower, Kathryn Bolkovac - a human rights investigator who saw UN officials, military and state department officials involved in human trafficking in Bosnia. Her story was then turned into a Hollywood movie called "The Whistleblower."

5,200 Pentagon Employees Bought Child Pornography, Investigation halted after 8 Months:

Dyncorp exposed for the trafficking of Women and Children:

The Whistleblower: Kathryn Bolkovac:

On Twitter or under the hashtag #ThePedoFiles is a wealth of information I compiled on Big Up to the New Zealand Government for Hosting these files All these Years Thanks Guys!

Support Anonymous's Operation Independent Investigation into the global Elite pedosadist rings. Demand all this be re-opened because We Are Change and our children are our future!
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