Hegelian Dialectic
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831) was a highly influential German philosopher. To this day his Hegelian Dialectic is a model used by central powers of government to create a problem that causes a reaction most often in the form of a crisis or series of crises, and consolidation of concentrated power results in fewer hands as a consequence of the proposed solution put forth by the same political body that created the problem and crises in the first place. It's been a highly effective deadly game of deceit that the ruling elite and its neocons have perpetrated on the people to fool and entice them into blindly accepting greater centralized control and authority.

This article will demonstrate how New World Order globalists and neocon servants in Washington have consistently employed this repeating cycle of the Hegelian Dialectic consisting of problem (originally called thesis), reaction (anti-thesis) and solution (synthesis) during the present century's US Empire's foreign policy. Inasmuch as US Empire along with NATO virtually controls all Western nations as well as nearly all Third World nations, this insidious process is unfolding globally on the geopolitical chessboard with the ultimate goal of a one world government.

This presentation first examines how the Hegelian strategy operates through America's aggressive foreign policy designed to retain its unipolar superpower status at all costs in the face of rising global powers Russia and China. While the globalist/neocon agenda has targeted Eastern powers Russia, China and Iran as foreign enemies, treasonous abuse at home targeting US citizens as the homegrown enemy is but symptomatic of the larger tyrannical pattern gripping all Western nations. A look at these highly disturbing global developments through the Hegelian Dialectic lens starts with 9/11 and the war against Islam.


Problem: Perceived international barriers to global hegemony and New World Order tyranny

Reaction: Create a bogus terrorist network of Islamic jihadist patsies under the command of a "black sheep" family member belonging to Bush family business partners the bin Ladens and then pull off [albeit half-ass] on 9/11 the world's largest false flag event in human history

Solution: Neocons' "forever war on terror" justifying invasions and protracted occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq, NATO bombing of Libya, deployment of al Qaeda/ISIS as nation destabilizers committing Western state sponsored terrorism as well as proxy war allies used for regime change purposes in Syria, Iraq, Libya and beyond; dismantling the US Constitution and civil liberties in Western nations in the name of national security

The increasingly pervasive cycle of problem, reaction and solution has been deployed over and over again as the elite's twenty-first century pathway to New World Order tyranny. The ruling elite's all too predictable Hegelian formula has been around a very long time, but its use in recent years has been stepped up like never before, and its biggest application is 9/11. Key neocons that were instrumental policymakers under Bush 1 showed up again like gangbusters in the Bush 2 regime. With George W. their simpleton front man, and VP Cheney as their fiendishly evil mastermind along with the likes of Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, his Deputy Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith and others, just prior to stealing their first presidential election, their think tank Project for a New American Century (PNAC) released in September 2000 their infamous white paper entitled "Rebuilding America's Defenses." It was their megalomaniacal blueprint plotting the US Empire's global takeover starting with their "new Pearl Harbor." As longtime members of the ruling elite, they collectively had identified and targeted their number one problem - perceived barriers to their New World Order, the same one their former boss George senior kept mouthing. From their PNAC thesis they were able to calculatingly create their 9/11 anti-thesis designed to blame the identified problem as the primary cause of their fabricated 9/11 crisis, then immediately follow up with their proposed solution - their "endless war on terror" that would fix their engineered crisis "global terrorism."

By sinister design, this forever do-loop dynamic promulgated this century's geopolitical chessboard chaos through both today's US foreign as well as domestic policy. As the neocons' most significant illustration of the Hegelian Dialectic in action, their PNAC agenda for overcoming any and all perceived barriers that could potentially obstruct their world dominance plan was solved by 9/11 as their reactionary crisis. Increasing and maintaining global hegemony as the world's sole superpower would be their solution leading to their New World Order. The PNAC operational plans called for 9/11 as their required precursor to then rush through their already written Patriot Act destroying citizens' civil rights and privacy. The Authorization for Use of Military Forces Act gave the wartime president dictatorial war powers waging preemptive war that in January this year was upgraded to unlimited war powers. Dictator Obama never needs Congressional approval to make war at any time anywhere in the world in violation of all prior checks and balances, all in the name of their declared "endless war on terror."

Thus, less than a month after the 9/11 attack, the pre-9/11 planned invasion of Afghanistan was launched. As an occupying force for the last decade and a half, US troops are still supposedly fighting the Taliban now joined by both al Qaeda and ISIS. Of course the true reason for America's longest running war in history has everything to do with the precious natural resources of a trillion dollars' worth of vast mineral deposits, underground natural gas and oil reserves and the world's largest heroin production that the profiteering US government controls with its illegal international drug smuggling operation. While the Taliban enemy and its terrorist partners control most of the countryside, the 10,000 US troops still stationed there are clueless as to their combat mission, a familiar theme in all of America's past war defeats. Fifteen years of endless war in Afghanistan is just part of the reason why 223 out of the last 240 years America's been at war killing mostly dark and yellow-skinned foreigners somewhere on the planet 93% of the time, up to 30 million since WWII alone).

On the very same day of the 9/11 attacks, the neocons were already conning Americans into believing that a bearded Saudi bad boy who in actuality was dying from kidney disease while camping out in an Afghan mountain cave commanding a worldwide terrorist network (hence al Qaeda means data base or network) actually ordered 19 (15 of whom were/are fellow Saudis, seven turned up still alive) box-cutting, boozing, coke snorting Islamic jihadists to seize control of four commercial jet airliners on the one day America's national air defense was ordered to stand down by Cheney, crashed down the two tallest buildings in the world in physics-defying, vaporized freefall, then flew another plane cutting a missile-sized hole into the Pentagon and finally flew a fourth into a faked non-crash site in a remote Pennsylvania field.

And all this came after the CIA had trained and financed Osama and his crew twenty years earlier as US proxy war allies to help bring down the Soviet Empire in the "empire graveyard" of 1980's Afghanistan and again the following decade helping to balkanize Yugoslavia into a half dozen broken pieces. In actuality the terrorists have been secret US proxy war allies for almost four decades. Talk about a con job! But they were just getting started.

Right after 9/11 the next order of business for a full year and a half was conning America into believing former longtime US ally Saddam Hussein was packing WMD's and terrorist ties in a bogus all-out campaign to justify the invasion of Iraq. It later came out in a 2007 General Wesley Clark interview that the neocon grand plan for America in their New World Order Century had already mapped out a regime change schedule to take down 7 sovereign nations in 5 years. Aside from Afghanistan they were already in the process of invading, Clark announced:
We're going to take out seven countries in 5 years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.
This super aggressive, highly illegal, morally despicable, thoroughly brutal regime change foreign policy is still being faithfully followed to the T by Obama. After all, Republican or Democrat, the same neocons in charge back in 2001 are still calling the shots in 2016 and Syria and Iran remain their unfinished business.

Enemy Senator Paul Wellstone

Problem: Senator Wellstone posed a serious threat as major opposition leader against Bush-Cheney's Iraq invasion and formation of Homeland Security Department

Reaction: Assassination made to appear an accident

Solution: Implicit message of intimidation and threat effectively silencing other opposing Congress members; successful campaign to win support for March 2003 US invasion of Iraq, regime change and predatory rape and pillage of world's second largest oil producer; implementation of new Department of Homeland Security masquerading to "safeguard" American public from terrorism but actually creating multibillion dollar security state promoting and enforcing draconian counterterrorism laws leading to increasing centralized authoritarian government control and New World Order

Minnesota Democratic Senator Paul Wellstone was a man of integrity who was among the few politicians openly and adamantly opposing the Iraq invasion as well as the creation of the US version of Gestapo-land Security. As a fearless populist leader he'd been a constant thorn in the side ever since then President George H. W. Bush responding to the junior senator's uncomfortable questions at a reception asked, "Who is this chickenshit?" Years later as the only senator up for reelection who voted against the Iraq War when Democrats held just a one seat edge over the Republicans in the Senate (with one independent caucusing with Democrats), his thorny side made him the #1 GOP target. With the Karl Rove led Republican Party just one seat away from gaining Republican control over the US Senate, Wellstone's death gave his Republican challenger Norm Coleman the 49-49 split and, as the President of the Senate, Cheney's tie breaking vote would deliver the GOP 50-49 advantage needed to steamroll yet more tax cuts through for the rich, unending bankers' wars and a never seen before boom for the military-security industrial complex. Again, motive and means tilt heavily towards assassination. The facts make it more than probable.

A month prior to the November 2002 election Vice President Cheney had arranged a meeting with Wellstone, threatening him with grave consequences should he vote against the preplanned Iraq invasion. A few days later speaking to a group of war veterans, Wellstone publicly recalled Cheney's threatening words:
If you vote against the war in Iraq, the Bush administration will do whatever is necessary to get you. There will be severe ramifications for you and the state of Minnesota.
Then just days after that, 11 days prior to the midterm election and a year to the exact day after the deadly anthrax pushed Patriot Act victory, on October 25th Paul Wellstone, his wife and daughter along with three staffers and two pilots all died in an extremely suspicious plane crash. The FBI was at the crash site within 90 minutes, indicating they'd left their Minneapolis office before the "accident" at about the same time Wellstone's plane was just taking off that morning, indicating pre-knowledge.

Additionally, the NTSB as the national agency that normally takes the lead role investigating all US plane crashes suddenly wasn't. The FBI moved in ahead immediately proclaiming just another bad weather accident. Yet all on the ground witnesses and reports disagree, from pilots landing at the destination airport just two hours prior to the Wellstone flight to the airport manager who less than an hour after the crash was himself flying over the crash site. The plane considered a Rolls Royce among small planes was in tiptop shape and the two pilots steeped in skilled experience. As the feds' rogue cops for go-to cover-ups, as in 9/11 and the anthrax attacks the year before, and the 1993 World Trade Center and 1995 Oklahoma City bombings, the FBI has a long shady history of leaving its corrupt dirty fingerprints all over these well documented false flag, history changing events.

A couple of brave Democratic House members anonymously stated that they believe Wellstone was murdered. In one Congressman's words:
I don't think there's anyone on the Hill who doesn't suspect it. It's too convenient, too coincidental, too damned obvious. My guess is that some of the less courageous members of the party are thinking about becoming Republicans right now.
An unnamed CIA source admitted:
Having played ball (and still playing in some respects) with this current crop of reinvigorated old white men, these clowns are nobody to screw around with. There will be a few more strategic accidents. You can be certain of that.
A number of other Democratic politicians at a 2 to 1 margin to Republicans have also incurred mysterious deaths holding "unpopular" views just ahead of hotly contested elections. Two years earlier while traveling in Colombia Senator Wellstone had already experienced one known attempt on his life when a bomb planted enroute from the airport was discovered. Since that plot failed, he was then sprayed with the highly toxic poison glyphosate. As a longtime critic of the CIA and covert operations, Wellstone was targeted for assassination in both Colombia and in Minnesota by the masters of mayhem, murder and deceitful cover-ups - the FBI/CIA Criminals-In-Action at the behest of mastermind Cheney.

So far in our two-tiered justice system, murder pays off for those high up on the psychopath food chain like Cheney, the Bushes and Clintons. Renowned investigative reporter Seymour Hersh exposed Cheney's "executive assassination ring." Cheney used the CIA as well as the military Joint Special Operations Command as his personal army of hitmen reporting directly to him. If the neocons can live with themselves for murdering 3000 Americans on 9/11, they certainly never lose sleep over a few more targeted eliminations that include the genocidal 4 million Muslim bloodbath caused by the Bush crime family wars.

The heavy-handed Bush-Cheney push for Iraq War and a DHS congressional vote prior to their 2003 invasion cast enormous high stakes in the Senate. Then add the known history of contempt from former CIA director Bush, the Cheney threat just days prior to Wellstone's death, a slew of brazenly contradictory crash site anomalies, and the exposed murderous means used to pass the Patriot Act and the 9/11 false flag tragedy the year prior, all of this circumstantial evidence taken together strongly points to yet more diabolical skullduggery perpetrated by Skull & Bones criminals against humanity.

The neocons grabbed the Hegelian solution they needed for waging unlimited war in the name of terrorism anywhere in the world while simultaneously at home merging FEMA into their newly created Homeland Security tasked with stripping away the rest of America's constitutional liberties in the name of "national security." In its first dozen years alone, deep state's gluttonously monolithic DHS cancer has metastasized into the third largest federal department boasting near a quarter million fulltime employees. By hook, crook and murder the Cheney-Bush gang in 2003 got what they'd been wanting and plotting for years, two concurrent never-ending wars in the Middle East and the monstrous apparatus Homeland Security whose purpose is making war against the American people. Sadly the rest of the Western vassal nations play follow the leader.

This tried and true Hegelian strategy has also been singularly utilized to deal with the identified problem of various other perceived threats to US global unipolar hegemony. American Empire's relentless efforts to isolate and weaken targeted international enemies Russia, China and Iran through propagandized demonization and manufactured crises illustrate yet more examples of the Hegelian Dialectic in action.

Enemy Russia

Problem: Russia's emerging world power threatens US Empire "full frontal dominance" hegemony

Reaction: Portray a demonized Putin in Crimea and eastern Ukraine as a threat to global peace and stability

Solution: Lead all Western nations imposing economic sanctions on Russia, pressure oil-producing nations like Saudi Arabia to keep oil/gas supply glut high and prices exceedingly low to hurt Russia's #1 export (along with Iran's and Iraq's), seek new pipeline developments to supply Europe, cutting off Russian export revenue and continue turning Russia's neighbors into anti-Russian, pro-NATO-EU-US puppet allies with continued nuclear missile installation aimed directly at Russia (and Iran) as part of aggressive US foreign policy leading to WWIII

The $5 billion spent by Hillary and Nuland's NGO's used to illegally overthrow the sovereign Ukraine government in February 2014 was the pivotal solution to the identified problem of Russia's growing regional power once democratically elected Ukraine President Yanukovych in November 2013 rejected US-EU-NATO pressures to join the anti-Russian bandwagon. As soon as he was removed from power fleeing to Moscow and the US promptly installed its corrupt, neo-Nazi puppet regime as its neocon solution to its Russian problem, the predominantly ethnic Russian Crimean citizens voted overwhelmingly to be annexed by Russia and soon ethnic Russians living in eastern Ukraine voted for independence. Putin's decisive military move to protect his strategically located Black Sea Russian naval port in Sevastopol suddenly materialized as a newest neocon problem.

Putin's justified defensive response to Western aggression was immediately seized upon as the next identified problem falsely spun by Empire and its European vassals as naked Russian aggression posing an international threat to global peace and stability. Reaction manifested as swift "morally justified" economic sanctions against Russia and nonstop propaganda demonizing Putin as the next targeted US enemy in order to unilaterally engineer cold war 2. With US shale gas and new gas/oil pipeline routes designed to eliminate EU's 30% dependence on Russia to meet its energy needs, along with isolating Russia, (China and Iran), there you have the core basis of US foreign policy towards the Russian alliance.

When last fall at the UN Putin abruptly upended America's fake war on terror by exposing Obama's lies, and then proceeded to kick ISIS ass in Syria at the sovereign leader Assad's request, US Empire's rigged chessboard strategy was thoroughly discombobulated. And with global hegemony at stake, predictably the US neocon machine elected not to align with Russia's assault against the world's biggest terrorist organization. But in its typical hypocritically bombastic way, the US has resumed its regime change mission to balkanize the world still focusing on Syria as its pet project. Emboldened by Putin's partial withdrawal since March, Kerry's ultimatum demanding a month ago that Assad must propose his plan for a transition government by August or else suffer the consequence pretty much says it all.

As of late the US backed "moderate" opposition rebels that all along have been closely aligned with al Nusra, the al Qaida affiliate in Syria, have been taking a hit, targeted in recent Russian air strikes much to Washington's chagrin. After reclaiming ancient Palmyra in March and effectively cutting off the ISIS supply line to the Turkish border, the next strategic objective remains regaining control over Syria's war ravaged largest city Aleppo. And on this most decisive siege, Bashar al-Assad just made this fatalistic if not prophetic statement:
Aleppo will become graveyard for foreign-sponsored mercenary-terrorists: any political solution to the conflict must lead to the annihilation of terrorism, otherwise no resolution will work.
Meanwhile in Iraq, Shiite militia and Iraqi forces are making strides closing in on a major campaign to retake the embattled ISIS controlled city of Fallujah. Overall, according to the Pentagon (which of course is not exactly the most credible source), ISIS has lost 40% of its territory in Iraq and 11% of its ground in Syria. Though concrete gains in recent months by the real anti-terrorist fighters in both Syria and Iraq have forced the US to somewhat modify its tactical mission in the region (i.e., not so flagrantly and out in the open can Empire protect and defend its terrorist proxy allies), make no mistake the old divide and rule strategy still dictates that US-Israeli hegemonic interests keep the various Muslim factions in the Middle East (primarily the 85% Sunni majority vs. Shiite minority) at war with each other and thereby permanently remain in a fragmented state of weakened disunity. So the fundamental MENA battle lines are generally drawn along the exploited religious divide with Russia supporting the Shiite majority (or near even split) in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Gaza Palestinians while the US Empire-NATO-Israel axis-of-evil throws its divisive weight behind the Sunni majority nations Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan and Egypt.

Supporting renewed efforts to stoke the recent violence in eastern Ukraine comes with the usual lies. An all-out propaganda war convinces the West that Putin is leading the insurrection in the Luhansk and Donetsk region in a ruthless drive to expand his power westward into Europe reestablishing another Russian empire. This paranoia has Sweden ready to become the latest convert to NATO. Meanwhile, per the Transparency International's annual Corruption Perceptions Index, US-NATO-EU axis is backing the most corrupt government in Europe that has intentionally dragged its heels implementing the Donbas elections per its Minsk accord agreement. So what does the chocolate oligarch president do to combat his nation's soaring graft and corruption problem? Under international pressure to reduce this rampant epidemic in Ukraine, last month President Poroshenko appointed a political crony with zero law experience to the position of prosecutor general after rewriting the law that specifically prohibits appointees with no legal training to such a post. Meanwhile, fed and led by Empire of Chaos, this fascist Nazi nation just keeps churning out an endless cycle of escalating violence in blatant violation of every broken ceasefire agreement made. Like Israel in Gaza and the West Bank, Kiev has been given the neocon greenlight to continue its ethnic cleansing operation in eastern Ukraine.

And like clockwork again this last month the daily death toll has been rising now at its highest level since last summer. In the wake of the recent surge of violence, a large water treatment plant employing 127 engineers that supplies the precious life resource to 400,000 civilians is caught in Kiev's artillery fire. If the facility takes a direct hit, chlorine and other deadly chemicals could cause a humanitarian disaster.

Because US Empire browbeat its European vassals into submission adopting sanctions against Moscow that are hurting Europe nearly as much as Russia, with the EU decision scheduled this month to renew them or not, nations like Italy and Hungary are expressing a desire for sanctions to be lifted for sorely needed trade with Russia. But already under neocon pressure, emphatic calls are being voiced to retain the sanctions due to scapegoating Putin for not doing enough "to honor" the Minsk agreement to lower the violence amongst the eastern separatists. Putin's been placed in a double bind as it's only natural if aggressors are attacking you, your family and home, which is the case for residents in the Donbas region, in self-defense you will fight back. Clearly it's the US backed Nazi Kiev government and its army that are the true villains. But the US led West's blindly obedient support continues pounding the war drums while violating last year's Mink II accord (not to mention international law). The West continues covertly sending Kiev a steady flow of Special Forces advisers, arms and war supplies. In the meantime, the fighting is ramping up again with over 9,000 dead - many civilian - in the last couple years. This conflict is yet another mired, bloody, made-in-the-USA mess of disastrous proportions.

Another recent hotbed of proxy war violence fueled by Empire's complicit support is Azerbaijan's failed April fools invasion of Armenia's Nagorno-Karabakh. CIA and Nuland's NGO quest for worldwide "color revolution" were quick to once again to resurface fanning the flames in Yerevan destabilizing the volatile South Caucasus creating one more Putin headache. Western Azeri oil interests fuel this planned century old ethnic purge.

The recent unprecedented NATO troop buildup along Russia's border and the latest nuclear warhead missile deployment in Romania are yet two more illustrations of this relentless assault on global stability aimed at destroying Russia. Empire's predatory policy is to instigate war along as much of Russia's 12,000 mile doorstep as is sinisterly possible. Nonstop NATO war games amassing record numbers of troops at the Russian border (31,000 next month) feed the ongoing hysterical lies that Putin's about to invade a NATO member nation. Last month the US launched its European Ballistic Missile Shield in Romania and is already busily working on the next batch in Poland.

In terms of the Hegelian reaction and solution to US Empire's inevitable loss of unipolar power due to the shifting West to East bipolar balance of power, neoconned US-NATO is frantically overcompensating. Unilaterally renewing an aggressive arms race is part of the reckless suicidal policy repeatedly baiting Putin into reacting that will lead to the self-justified trigger igniting World War III and preemptive nuclear strikes against Moscow and/or the Middle East. Of course Empire's deadly provocative agenda is timed perfectly as sleight of hand diversion away from the impending demise of the US dollar that in turn will set into motion the domino effect that collapses the entire global house of cards economy.

Enemy China

Problem: China's growing power in the world threatens US unipolar hegemony

Reaction: Portray China as a hostile aggressor militarily claiming territories deemed not theirs, stealing US trade secrets, dangerously violating US national cyber security and with BRICS economic alliance and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank leading global movement to drop US dollar as standard international currency and weaken US dominance

Solution: Show China who the real global hegemonic boss is with Asian pivot, justifying expansion of US military and economic presence intended to bolster unipolar power in Asian Pacific with both TTP and more US military bases-naval ports springing up in Asia ultimately intended to isolate and weaken China

Repainting China as the identified Hegelian problem of a renewed cold war Communist enemy and growing threat to peace in the Asian Pacific has concurrently manifested on multiple fronts - a fierce currency war, an equally intensive cyberwar, a trade war and soaring tensions geopolitically and militarily in disputed waters mostly in the South China Sea. China along with Russia have spearheaded the global drive to drop the rigged game of the US dollar as international currency. With the ultimate goal to replace the dollar with the Yuan backed by a gold standard, China and Russia both have been stockpiling vast amounts of gold and been the leaders establishing the economic BRICS alliance with other emerging bigtime players.

China's also leading the global way dumping the US debt with its US Treasury bonds, joined by governments around the world now at an unprecedented, frenzied record clip. In January alone foreign governments and central banks unloaded $57.2 billion and as of March this year a phenomenal total of $225 billion's been cashed in since mid-2015. The entire world sees the writing on the wall.

Despite threats and warnings from Washington, last year China's recently opened Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank saw all of America's closest allies clamoring to become founding members, leaving the US behind and out in the cold. Though China's economy has slowed within the stalled, stagnating global system, with America's in freefall, as a result, China has now eclipsed the United States as the most powerful economic nation in the world. In its self-aggrandized exceptionalism, century old arrogance, ruthless world domination and parasitical global exploitation, the once global kingpin can barely face this harsh and disturbing reality. But then since as treasonous globalists they never had any allegiance to America anyway, it's why the neocons and their puppet masters are so recklessly and pathologically acting out now as they push humanity off their doomsday cliff. They know their jig is up.

A half decade ago Beijing busted Washington for sending Google to spy on China. So the hypocritical neocons launched their propaganda war accusing the Chinese of stealing major industry trade secrets and hacking into sensitive national security files, exposing the biggest cybersecurity breach in US history. Last summer the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) announced that confidential files and private information that included social security numbers and fingerprints belonging to 21 million government workers were stolen. Also last year the NSA chimed in disclosing that during this last half decade, Chinese hackers have committed over 600 successful attacks on US government and businesses. What the feds won't disclose is the probable greater number of US cyber attacks on China.

Then a month after the OPM attack came the August 12th lethal Tianjin China explosion that left 173 dead and an apocalyptic sized crater lake at a demolished chemical storage site as suspected immediate US tit-for-tat payback. China the day before the blast had just announced its devalued currency to weaken the US dollar. Additionally, the fiery explosion brightly visible from outer space was speculated to be caused by a US launched pulsar weapon from the upper atmosphere that may have been intended to take out China's supercomputer located just a kilometer away from the blast that sustained only partial damage. A series of explosions immediately followed Tianjin at another chemical site in a nearby Chinese city as well as at a US weapons depot in Japan.

Upping the hostilities in this undeclared US-China war, after initially including China in the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) NWO trade deal, the Obama regime reversed its decision to overtly exclude the Asian giant from the dozen nation agreement as part of its "Asian pivot," accurately taken by Beijing as yet another shot across the bow by US Empire in its multipronged attacks against China. This willful exclusion not to be invited to the party of 12 is a big deal considering the dozen invited countries comprise 40% of the world's GDP and 26% of the world's trade.

On the military front, deliberate provocative acts by US Empire beginning last October with intrusive US naval warships now repeated three times have intentionally patrolled within the 12 nautical mile limit of China's built up islands being militarized as defense outposts in the South and East China Seas. Clearly the propaganda war is rife with false US claims geared to ramp up tensions as part of its undeclared war.

This week's latest incident piggybacks off of last week's, both involving US Air Force reconnaissance planes caught spying too close to China's coastline where strategic submarine and military bases are located. With two alleged "close encounters" in as many weeks, headlines from the mainstream rags are all abuzz accusing Chinese jets of "unsafe intercepts" "threatening US intel jet," clearly depicting China once again as the obvious aggressor. Washington insists the spy planes were merely minding their own business, benignly on "routine patrol" in international airspace. Beijing officials maintain that their aircraft were simply doing their legit job protecting Chinese coastal airspace in the East and South China Seas. Had roles been reversed, the US military wouldn't tolerate Chinese planes spying so close to US sea and air bases along US coastline and immediately the warmongering DC crowd would be declaring it an act of war.

These events are simply propagandized and hyped up to once again make China the bad guy aggressor in order to justify America's massive militarization in Pacific Asia. The Philippines has developed defense pacts with both Japan and Vietnam. US lifted an arms ban with Hanoi and is now peddling war materials and an expanding US military presence in Vietnam. South Korea is building a new naval base on Jeju Island that will be shared with the US Navy. That's in addition to the near 30,000 troops already stationed on the peninsula since the Korean War ended almost two thirds of a century ago. But then US Empire boasts a global military occupation of over 1,000 military bases in nearly 150 countries spread to every corner of the globe.

An expanded US military presence as part of Obama's 2011 "Asian pivot" was developed to counter China's growing military and naval strength. Meeting this ambitious imperialistic challenge includes building military bases in Palau, an island nation east of Philippines; signing a 10-year pact in 2014 with the Philippines for yet more bases; an enormous presence of 26,000 troops (near half of the total in Japan) on Okinawa despite mounting local opposition where residents contend they're living in a US colony; transferring 4,800 Marines from Okinawa to the US possession Guam entails building a new base; and more military access for training and fire range activities in the Mariana Islands (also US owned territory) again despite the locals' objections. The growing negative impact on the indigenous human populations, violating their national sovereignty and democratic rights extends many fold to soaring levels of pollution and environmental degradation of pristine natural island habitats in the face of large scale military occupation and operations. Of course Empire could care less about these concerns when countering the perceived threat of a rising China that's become a neocon fixation.

Last weekend US and Chinese officials met at an international security conference in Singapore to ostensibly discuss mutual issues. Neocon Defense Secretary Ashton Carter confronted China on its militaristic "expansive moves" in the Pacific:
There is growing anxiety in this region, and in this room, about China's activities on the seas, in cyberspace, and in the region's airspace.
While the AP headline reads "US Defense Secretary Offers Closer Security Ties to China," reading between the lines of Orwellian doublespeak, it's actually the "same old, same old," accusing your enemy of all the things you falsely deny you're doing. Be it regarding either Russia or China, America's actions speak far louder than their lies. The pathological devils controlling the US government are gearing up for war.

These latest chessboard maneuvers are all timed perfectly to coincide with this month's UN Permanent Court of Arbitration ruling at The Hague on a US backed Philippines case contesting China's territorial claims. Everything the US does has a secret yet not so hidden agenda. The neocons' Modus Operandi is to calculatingly invent crises making shit up to win the propaganda war used to justify their increasing aggressions, ultimately designed inevitably to lead to war. But the Empire's deceptive rationale using "free navigation" or "international airspace" or "self-defense" as their excuses cannot stand up to the scrutiny of truth. Behind all these flimsily disguised justifications, the bottom line is the US is deploying its Pacific Naval Fleet and Air Force to ensure that Empire can control all Pacific maritime wartime waterways to potentially intercept and interdict China's vital imported cargo lanes flowing from the Middle East and Africa.

Similar to Russia, Obama's Asian pivot has been motivated to surround China with hostile neighbors, both on land and at sea. Thus, the US is behind Japan's unparalleled military buildup and political squabbling over disputed regional islands with the Philippines, Vietnam and South Korea. The Pacific Naval Fleet poses increasing pressures within the maritime region to control the East and South China Seas as well as the critical narrow Strait of Malacca as the chokepoint bridging the Indian and Pacific Oceans. More than half of all the world's tonnage passes through these waters as well as one third of all maritime traffic worldwide. 80% of Japan's oil and 39% of China's move through the South China Sea from the Middle East.

To compound this geopolitical importance are enormous oil and gas deposits buried in these sea contested passages. Hence, every nation in the region is staking claim on the islands sprinkled throughout the East and South China Seas. China has laid claim to about 90% of the South China Sea but Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei are all staking ownership of islands as well, most having built structures with militarized defenses. The US is challenging China's construction of added land mass built on reefs and rocks as artificially invalid. Thus the US Navy refuses to recognize the 12 mile territorial limit around the Chinese occupied Spratly Islands. China has already announced that it does not recognize Hague Tribunal's jurisdiction over the island claim, insisting on direct bilateral negotiations with Philippines as its only option to resolve the conflict.

The potential for future military conflict especially over drilling rights is only growing more intense and fiercely contested. As the world policeman and hegemonic kingpin, the United States justifies its growing military presence as a counterbalance to China. But don't be fooled by any benevolent motivation, it's purely self-serving as all those nations challenging China are already in Empire's back pocket. More Rockefeller oil thievery is a done deal here and the US military's ready to go to war to make sure. Prospects for a peaceful resolution to this rising conflict and competition over precious resources holding such critical geopolitical significance globally appear extremely dim in view of Empire's unwillingness to live in a bipolar world. The growing number of aggressive US moves is clearly intended to provoke a direct confrontation with China that in contrast is merely exercising legitimacy to defend its security and self-interests as a regional power. Meanwhile, the US neocons are determined to maintain Empire's unipolar hegemony at all cost, refusing to share power and control with its two greatest rivals Russia and China. Thus, the Western elite has already made the unthinkable, insane decision to instigate an unwinnable global war against nuclear-armed Eastern powers risking the lives of all 7.4 billion of us humans on this planet.

Enemy Iran

Problem: Iran becoming a rival regional power in the Middle East threatening to unite Shiite Muslims could derail US-Greater Israel Project's agenda for expanding hegemony through Arabic divide and rule strategy

Reaction: Continue to falsely accuse Iran of building nuclear weapons, supporting terrorism, blaming 9/11 on Iran, renege on Iran-P5 nuke deal to maintain economic sanctions and frozen assets, smooth over ruffled Israeli relations by rewarding Israel with biggest military aid handout in US history, justifying continued support of Saudi-Israeli genocidal war against Yemen; portray Iran as aggressor when US Navy ships trespassed into Iran's territorial waters

Solution: Thwart and weaken Iran's growing regional political, economic and military strength, through propaganda keeping Iran an international pariah while maintaining status quo US-Israeli-Saudi hegemony leading to regime change in both Syria and Iran and a broken Russian alliance with subsequent minimal regional influence

As early as 1974 the United States was already plotting the future overthrow of their faithful ironfisted puppet the Shah of Iran. Like South Vietnam's first Prime Minister Diem before him and Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi and Hosni Mubarak after him, the US Empire has a long checkered history of using despotic benefactors of CIA induced regime changes as their trusted bloody tyrants for years only to at some point later be discarded and often assassinated. In 1979 it was Iran's dictator Shah's turn and the Islamic Revolutionary Republic was spawned led by the first Ayatollah Khomeini returning from exile as Supreme Leader followed in 1989 by the second Khomeini presently governing the nation.

Iranians still remember the US led coup responsible for deposing their democratically elected Prime Minister Mosaddegh in 1953 after he had championed nationalizing Iran's oil, wresting it away from the monopolistic company soon named British Petroleum (yep, the same BP responsible for America's largest oil spill in the Gulf nearly six decades later). Plotting revenge, the British MI6 and CIA teamed up to overthrow Masaddegh, returning Iran to monarchy and the Shah's 26-year reign of terror killing thousands of innocent Iranians. The Shah's infamous secret police was trained and run by CIA. For more than a quarter century the Shah and the Rockefellers stole billions in oil riches from the fourth largest oil producer while the citizens of Iran languished in relative poverty and violently brutal oppression.

Ever since the 1979 revolution, punctuated by the 444-day American hostage crisis, the US has viewed Iran as the eternal enemy. The humiliation and mock executions endured by the Americans taken hostage at the US Embassy was retaliation for America's crucial role in the Shah round-ups, torture and death of so many Iranians. The crisis also was the coordinated arrangement between both the Khomeini regime in cahoots with again, America's CIA led by none other than director George H.W. Bush, sabotaging Carter's presidency and ensuring that Reagan and Bush replace him. As part of the deal, the hostages would not be released until the day Reagan was sworn into office. This sinister partnership cemented both Khomeini's power avenging America for its sins against Iran as well as lock Iran and the US into becoming permanent enemies out of the two regimes' mutual self-interest.

As a side note, 30 years after the hostage ordeal, the American victims were being used as political fodder when they were suddenly allowed to seek litigation against Iran for financial compensation. Decades earlier their own US government had agreed to not allow them to sue as a condition of their release while US corporations that lost business were awarded settlement damages. The hostages were dragged through their trauma all over again as mere propaganda tools being used to drum up negative publicity against Tehran by the same heartless political machine that sold them down the river in the first place three decades earlier.

Like Syria, Russia, China, Venezuela, North Korea and Cuba, Iran has refused to be bullied into submission, raped and plundered by fascist US Empire hegemony that unleashes transnationals and unpayable IMF-World Bank loans to enslave and control the entire world. And for that they pay dearly.

Constantly linking Iran to terrorism is an Empire favorite pastime. The whodunit behind the 1983 truck bomb in the Beirut barracks killing 241 US Marines was never properly solved although according to a former Mossad agent, his outfit knew exactly when and where the attack would take place but chose not to inform the US. Once again America's "greatest ally" stabbed us in the back. Washington conveniently blamed Hezbollah because they're considered a Lebanese terrorist organization that happens to now be in Syria fighting and winning against the real terrorists, the US created and backed ISIS.

The Lebanese people back in 1983 desperately wanted the US out of their country, and for good reason. For months prior to the Marine barracks attack, the battleship USS New Jersey had been indiscriminately shelling the hills of Beirut, killing thousands of civilians in yet another US "peacekeeping" mission gone awry. But since Iran and Hezbollah both share Shiite Islam in common, it's guilt by association. This scapegoating is used to justify hammering Tehran with more sanctions all the time. And now lawsuit settlements for US victims and their families to boot. Two federal courts just awarded Americans in both 9/11 and the Marine barracks attacks damages to be drawn from $2 billion in assets frozen at Iran's Central Bank.

Did the US pay the families who lost loved ones in Beirut, many of them children? And how about the 288 Iranians on board the Iran Air flight shot down in 1988 by a US Navy cruise missile? What about their families? Nope, they didn't even get an admission of guilt or apology from the US. All they got was the soon to be President-elect Bush at the UN adding insult to their injury:
I will never apologize for the United States - I don't care what the facts are.
And speaking of our pal Israel, how about those 34 US sailors on board the USS Liberty murdered by Israeli air force pilots in 1967? Were those Americans and their families ever compensated? Nope, instead Kennedy assassination co-conspirator LBJ just protected the Israeli perps by keeping it tightly under wraps.

And then there was that extremely bloody war that the US goaded with full support then ally Saddam Hussein into invading Iran fresh off its revolution in 1980, giving Saddam the internationally outlawed biological weapon sarin gas to use against Iran as well as well as the Kurds his own people. Without US intervention that 8-year war costing a million lives that Iran was forced to defend itself would've never happened. Did the families of the over half million of Iranians killed ever see any compensation from Empire for that grossly inhumane tragedy? The US and Israel love watching Muslims kill themselves. And then we often hear the anti-Iranian rhetoric bandied about in Washington accusing Iran of being an eminent threat to world peace and stability (like Russia and China) when in fact Iran has never once invaded another country in over 200 years. Can America say that? At war 93% of the time since 1776, invading over 70 nations and just since WWII killing up to 30 million people? I don't think so.

When the world's biggest sponsors of terrorism and war are actually America and Israel and their partners-in-crime, calling Iran a "rogue state" and part of an "axis-of-evil" is simply playing the Edward Bernays PR game with utmost cunning and deceit. Falsely accusing Iran (and all of the above on America's shit list) as targeted enemies while covering up the true reality that it's the US Empire et al that's been the real axis-of-evil committing far more egregious crimes all over this earth for far longer time than any of us have even been alive, that grand illusion is the biggest crime against humanity of all.

Only because of Americans' ignorance and complicity due to our incredible gullibility accepting spoon-fed state and media lies has the US Empire killing machine been given carte blanche license to continue killing without interruption or resistance. And of course the killing machine couldn't do it without its propaganda machine. This diabolical tag team duo has been at it for well over a century capitalizing on the fact that to the victor goes the spoils, which includes rewriting a whitewashed history to ensure that the real bad guys stay looking good even if it's all just a colossal pack of brainwashing lies.

So that's how the Bushes, the Clintons and the Manchurian President Obama came to power and operate carrying out their demonic orders from Satanic worshipping pedophiles who ritualistically sodomize trafficked in babies before eating them for breakfast. That's no lie folks, that's where we're at. Those in power now, be they the public puppets we think we elect but don't, or the real terrorists pulling all their strings, this is what the elitist power structure has perversely degenerated into. You can't get any more evil than that. What to us has been cast as good is really bad and what's supposed to be bad turns out to be not so bad after all, perhaps even good in comparison to the evil ones in charge. In fact the so called bad guys like Putin turn out be saints relative to the Washington evildoers that through bind ignorance we've allowed. We cannot condone, look away or pretend any more, especially when at this point we're all "useless eaters" being lined up in their crosshairs.

It's worth looking back at how for years the US government and its MSM propaganda whores, especially since 9/11, have been making bogus claims about Iran building WMD nuke weapons. In 2003 Iran revealed its uranium enrichment program for peaceful purposes openly inviting International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspection teams to confirm. But the likes of Netanyahu, Cheney and Bush never stopped harping about needing to go to war against Iran over WMD's that didn't exist. Where have we heard that one before? Truth is, even no friend of the truth the CIA maintained that Iran gave up its nuclear weapons research in 2003, also verified by the more credible IAEA inspectors.

Contrast this with Israel that for decades has been stockpiling nuclear warheads. US Defense Department sources estimate the rogue state has enough material for as many as 190 warheads. Yet Washington says nothing about Israel's weapons despite having declassified CIA and FBI documents proving Israel stole uranium from the US to make nukes in the 1950's with active assistance from France as well as from the United States. The double standard hypocrisy is shamefully atrocious. But then to top it all off, Israel maintains the Sampson option, reserving the blackmailing right to nuke any or all of its allies should it believe any are fraternizing with Zionist enemies... which brings us to the next point.

The three plus decades of economic sanctions against Iran haven't just been heaped on them by the US. As Empire puppets the UN and EU follow their leader every time. The UN began piling sanctions on in 2006 and 2007 over Iran's choice to continue developing nuclear energy for civilian consumption. In 2012 the EU playing judge and jury joined the Anglo-Zionist witch-hunt convinced that Tehran was developing military nukes, punishing Iran with an oil embargo. Washington's open hostility and obsessive vilification of the Tehran government through the years has everything to do with Israel's hatred toward Iran, seeing that country as its greatest single threat in the Middle East. And let's face it, Israel's foreign policy is America's foreign policy, except Israel gets to sit back watching US Empire do its bidding fighting Israel's wars.

In October 2013 negotiations were once again held between Iran and the P5 + 1 nations (Russia, China, France, UK, Germany and the US) over Tehran's alleged nuclear development program and were ultimately brought to fruition last summer when an agreement was finally reached. Despite the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action deal being ratified by Congress and approved by the UN, Netanyahu and his Washington minions never stop accusing Iran of secretly harboring nuclear weapons. The Zionist agenda's been so powerful pushing its hypocritical lies in a broken record mantra that AIPAC pandering Trump promised to tear up the Iran deal. Israel loving Hillary was behind the stiffest Tehran sanctions of all, delivered by the UN in 2010.

Obama who had taken so much heat for reaching a ratified plan with Iran, then shows his true deceitful colors betraying Tehran by reneging on lifting the economic sanctions. Instead he pressures central banks not to provide loans to Iran and continues keeping Iranian assets frozen. Meanwhile two federal judges recently ordered Iran to pay $10.5 billion in damages to American families of deceased 9/11 victims and another one for the 1983 Beirut bombing. No accident these recent developments unfold at the same time 28 missing pages from the whitewashed 9/11 Commission implicate Saudi Arabia in the 9/11 attacks and not one shred of evidence points to Iran having anything to do with 9/11. While all this bullshit is just more of the hate Iran campaign, the facts clearly show the biggest 9/11 culprit aside from the treasonous Washington neocons (many of whom own dual Israeli citizenship) is Israel-Mossad.

Israel, the US, Europe and the six Gulf State monarchies along with Turkey are the chief financiers and supporters of the largest terrorist organization on the planet. Russia and Iran of course are close allies of Syria's Bashar al-Assad and the actual enemies of the ISIS terrorists. The gains made in recent months by Assad's army with assistance from Russia, Iran, Syrian Kurds and Hezbollah have exposed the West's pretense of fighting against terrorists and embarrassingly placed a serious damper on the Western axis-of-evil's stranglehold on the Middle East. As a result, there currently is a power shift in process throughout the entire region and beyond.

It's no accident that once Putin outed Obama on protecting terrorists instead of destroying them, suddenly Obama as the slithering, slimy snake-in-the-grass he is, has not followed through on removing the sanctions against Iran. All the animosities that the US elites have bombarded Tehran with are back on the table with Hillary promising as president that she will go to war against Iran. Of course as the unindicted felonious traitor she is, Hillary's been thoroughly bought out by foreign national interests, among them Iran's two biggest enemies Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Those two Navy boats caught in Iranian waters back in January when US sailors were held, questioned and released after 24-hours by Iranian authorities is a typical example of how the Obama regime and media presstitutes twist reality to make Iran [or Russia or China] the bad guy. First the White House claimed mechanical problems caused the boats to inadvertently drift into Iran's territorial range. Of course the press mimicked this without question slanting the story to make the Iranians the heavy for holding our poor boys and girls hostage.

Then the feds changed their story and claimed that the boats somehow made an honest navigational error and got lost even though they're stationed in Bahrain and supposedly were enroute to Bahrain from Kuwait, the same sea route they constantly traverse. So that line's difficult to swallow especially knowing that the government already lied with its failed engine story. But once again, MSM uncritically lapped it up, pointing how the sailors were mistreated, forced on their knees at gunpoint, humiliated and coerced into apologizing. Another highly suspicious anomaly - why was there no communication to their chain of command? And now a new spin is making news. A recent American Thinker article's first line reads "Rep. Randy Forbes (R-Va.)'s revelation of the degree to which Iran abused our men and women in uniform after they pirated two US Navy boats..." The propaganda war is as endless as the neocons' endless war on terror.

Saudi Arabia initiated an illegal war in Yemen against the Houthi rebels that had ousted the corrupt and oppressive US-Saudi puppet dictator Hadi who was forced into exile in Riyadh during last year's coup. Hadi's term in office had ended a year earlier yet he was refusing to comply with a UN sanctioned resolution he'd signed requiring him to hold elections. As part of a fellow Shiite minority in the Middle East, Iran has supported the Houthis. Because the Saudis were convinced Iran was behind the March coup, they elected to start a major war. But their miscalculation is costing the Kingdom dearly, sinking into a protracted military quagmire has the House of Saud becoming the house of debt bled by this illicit war in Yemen.

The Saudis possess a massive US supplied airpower advantage that's bombing the Yemeni people back to the Stone Age. As of 6 months ago, 6,000 have been brutally slaughtered, half civilian. Saudi Arabia and its Sunni coalition that includes Israeli air strikes are committing war crimes and ethnic cleansing, further aided by a contingent of Islamic State terrorists, Al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula terrorists, various Gulf State mercenaries, and last month joined by at least 100 US boots on the ground Army Rangers. Even the UN has joined this lopsided fight against the people of Yemen in its complicity for not condemning the illegal war and turning a blind eye to the Saudi led war crimes and atrocities while maintaining that the former dictator Hadi is still the legitimate president. As if that's not reprehensible enough, the UN imposed an "arms" embargo blockading relief shipments to the starving Yemeni population.

A Saudi memo released by WikiLeaks confirms the bottom line reason why the House of Saud launched a war in Yemen. It also explains why the Saudis are receiving so much widespread support for what constitutes crimes against humanity. A proposed Saudi pipeline plan would pump its oil passing through Yemen to the southern port of Aden, thereby bypassing Iran's gatekeeping role at the Strait of Hormuz where all oil out of the Middle East flows. This development would significantly undercut Iran's regional power which of course would be in perfect alignment with the strategic imperialistic interests of US Empire as well as the Greater Israel Project. Iran as yet another Hegelian problem, reaction and solution is crystal clear.

Noted journalist-filmmaker John Pilger incisively sums up America's influence around the globe this way:
Since 1945, more than a third of the membership of the United Nations - 69 countries - have suffered some or all of the following at the hands of America's modern fascism: they have been invaded, their governments overthrown, their popular movements suppressed, their elections subverted, their people bombed and their economies stripped of all protection, their societies subjected to a crippling siege known as 'sanctions.'
Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled "Don't Let The Bastards Getcha Down." It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master's degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at http://empireexposed.blogspot.co.id/