Syrian Defense Minister, Lt. Gen. Fahd Jaassim Al-Furayj with his Iranian counterpart, Gen. Hossein Dehqaan, are meeting with the Russian Defense Minister, Gen. Sergei Shoigu in Tehran to put the final touches on the plan to overwhelm the terrorists and their Zionist-NATO-Saudi sponsors.
The war in Syria to oust president Assad has taken an ugly turn for the sponsors of international criminality. The good doctor did not go gently into that good night. Dr. Assad persevered amidst a concerted propaganda war of unprecedented levels of cacophonic hysteria modulated by cunning. From the New York Times to the Washington Post to the BBC to Le Monde to Der Spiegel to the Jerusalem Post to every miserable Arabian "news" source, the theme was one and the same: don't show Syrian soldiers in photographs or they'll look like they are human; instead, let the public imagine them as monsters with horns, cloven feet and reptilian tails.

Well, taking a cue from that, SyrPer did exactly the opposite and exhibited, at every opportunity, photographs of our soldiers to give them a human face. That is not what the CIA, MI6, BND, and the rest of the Zionist-controlled spy services wanted. You see, in order to pave the way for direct intervention in Syria to dislodge the Ba'ath Party and the president of the republic, they had to prepare public opinion. Assad (by all reports, a good-natured and shy physician more like the self-deprecating Marcus Welby than the brooding neurosurgeon, Ben Casey) had to appear menacing and cruel - autocratic and arbitrary - a reconstituted Qaddafi or Saddam Hussein. He had to be portrayed as someone who must be overthrown by the masses craving freedom, justice and the American Way. Yawn.

General Shoigu’s face tells a lot about Russia and its demographics. Russia is in the east and the general’s face reflects exactly that.
After all this hurly-burly which spanned five years during which the wealthiest gangsters on earth, dressed up as freedom-loving governments, or loveable Wahhabist gargoyles, tried to dismantle, derange and destroy a member state of the U.N., that same country, vilified in the Western Press and relegated to every kind of atrocity, is now reemerging once again, as evidenced by its defense minister meeting with his Russian and Iranian counterparts in Teheran to map out the endgame to this monstrous and criminal war.

Why in Teheran?....You might ask. For the simple reason that face-to-face discussions in a world of ubiquitous eavesdroppers and miraculous mechanical gadgets lead inevitably to penetration of the walls of privacy. This meeting is not ordinary, according to my source. Even he could not be more specific than that. This meeting is to end the war - with Dr. Assad in power - and the boots of the Syrian military grinding their heels into the squirming vipers which were hatched inside the incubators of terrorism - in Turkey, Jordan, Arabia and, yes, the West. This is it. And here is what we know about the meeting.

Iran insisted that the conference take place in Teheran because General Dihqaan wanted the other 2 generals and their aides to see the army Iran is preparing to enter Syria to assist in the "capping" of the campaign to exterminate the rats. We can tell you with utmost confidence that Iran has obtained permission from Haydar Al-'Abbaadi's government in Baghdad to permit unlimited over-flights in Iraq and to allow Iranian forces to traverse Iraq's territory in order to savage the ISIS presence at Al-Raqqa and Dayr El-Zor.

General Dihqaan wants to set up a joint Russian-Iranian coordination center to insure total cooperation on the ground and air between Moscow and Teheran. There is already one between Iran and Damascus. One of the reasons for this meeting is the assured rise of Hillary Clinton to the nomination and a belief that the criminal Clinton may actually be elected to the presidency of the United States. Because she is determined to prove that women can send men off to war with the same blithe indifference that older men do and her proven ties to Zionism and Arabian plutocracies, there is a belief that this time must be exploited to end any hope of a Western victory in Syria. I am telling my readers that Iran has an army of over 175,000 men ready to march into Syria to put an end to the Saudi-Western-Zionist reign of terror inflicted on the people of that great Arab nationalist country.

Another factor is the slow decrepitude of England's Cameron who now realizes he has no support for his criminal campaign in Syria. Other than some independent contractors working for MI6, he cannot hope to put together any credible plan to derail the destruction of his terrorist proxies. The same holds true for Hollande in France. The Russians are sincerely hoping for the victory of Marine LePen, who will put to an end the Saudi-philic policies of her cretinous predecessor. Russia knows that this is the moment - so propitious it cannot be delayed.

Dr. Assad's speech yesterday gives an insight into what is happening. There is a decision in Moscow to adopt Colin Powell's axiom of "overwhelming force" and Vladimir Putin is now advocating exactly that. He may also be adopting Georgi Zhukov's axiom of "complete destruction" of the enemy which is why Russia is secretly landing scores of bombers at Humaymeem while there is talk of redeploying the Kuznetsov aircraft carrier and nuclear submarines to the Mediterranean. Another runway is being paved as I write.

Syria has just graduated 30,000 new trainees for service with the PDC. It will take about one month for these new forces to become acclimatized. We predict that within 30 days, Iran's forces will percolate into Syria and you will begin seeing the end - the total end - of Takfirism and Wahhabism, not only in Syria, but, in the entire Arab Nation. Saudis know this are are packing their bags. But, so are Hashemites. Wherever they go, the people of Syria will track them down and kill them in their lairs. They cannot escape, for, like slugs, they always leave slime in their tracks.