Are you stressed? Suffering from extreme tiredness? Need stimulants to get going in the morning? So dead tired at the end of the day that sleep seems like a dream that will never come true? Many suffer silently from a seemingly nebulous thing called adrenal fatigue. Prolonged physical, mental, and/or emotional stress, lack of rest, poor diet, antibiotics, and continual stimulation of the nervous system via electronics contribute to adrenal compromise.

Today on the Health and wellness show we discussed the good and bad aspects of stress and its effects on the adrenal system. The adrenals may be small and misunderstood, but in essence, there is no quality of life if they are not functioning properly. What steps can we take to provide the adrenals with adequate nutrition, supplements, herbs, lifestyle changes and alternative modalities such as meditation and bodywork.

In Zoya's pet health segment, adrenal issues in doggies are also covered. Listen to the show below.

Running Time: 01:34:22

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