San Diego landslide
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A house appears to be compromised after land slides into canyon in the College Area.
A portion of land slid down into a canyon behind a house in the College area after a large sinkhole formed Wednesday morning, officials said.

"They saw a large portion of the earth give way behind this address," said Captain Joe Amador, San Diego Fire & Rescue. Captain Amador described the slide as 30 to 40 feet wide and about 150 feet up the ravine. He said crews were called to home 5600 block of Dorothy Way just after 9AM.

"Reportedly some of the neighbors heard noises last night even up to 2 or 3 nights ago," said Amador. "There was no hazards, no body was hurt , we sealed off the area with bannered tape."

No one was hurt, but the slide has neighbors living on edge. "I hope it doesn't come on my side," said Julia Bain, neighbor.
Bain is one of the original residents in the neighborhood. "We built here in 1954, my father built the home with a contractor," said Bain.

Julia said she's pretty sure her home is stable and safe. "There are pillars that go down some 20 feet under the house itself, my house should be safe," said Bain. "I'm a little nervous with the rains this week. I am a little concerned."

City engineers red-tagged the pool and shed of the home, late Wednesday evening the main house was declared safe. Julia hopes the landslide will not grow. "This is my home of 60 years and I don't know what I'd do if I have problems here," said Bain