Baghdadi ISIS

Big Bad Baghdadi, Mossad asset?
The Islamic State pretends to be viable state. It's right there in their name. But are they? And if they are, can they sustain themselves? There are certain reasons why states survive or fail, but the least discussed reasons are perhaps the most important. Luckily, these are discussed in Andrew Lobaczewski's Political Ponerology. On this episode of the Truth Perspective, we continued where our previous discussion of radicalization left off, showing why Daesh is doomed to fail, and how its ultimate purpose must be looked for elsewhere. The only reason it has been able to succeed to the degree it has is because of external, foreign support: from their Gulf monarchy sponsors and from the U.S. It actively eschews appealing for popular Muslim support, relying on a tiny minority of sadistic psychopaths and mercenaries.

Russia is playing a big part in the ultimate demise of Daesh. We discussed what Russia and their allies have accomplished, including the latest news: the partial withdrawal of Russian forces from Syria.

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