This beautiful heart-shaped fallstreak hole appeared in the sky of Houston, Texas on January 17, 2016 and baffled many skywatchers.

Heart-shaped hole punch cloud
© Gloria Youngblood via Travis Herzog
One day after tubular clouds rolled across Texas, a heart-shaped hole punch cloud unexpectedly appeared in the sky of Houston.

Heart-shaped punch cloud
© Via twitter@CEO4SHO

The love message in the sky was spotted on Houston's northwest side. Fallstreak holes are also called hole punch clouds. They occur when clouds composed of supercooled water droplets suddenly turn into ice and fall through the sky.
Heart-shaped punch hole cloud
© Via twitter@IanMcKayWx
A passing plane is usually the catalyst that sets off the chain reaction leading to this beautiful sight in the sky. Is it a message or a sign that it's almost Valentine's? Well I doubt this one was made by an airplane.