neo Nazi Ukraine Right Sector
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Things are getting nailed down in the case of thousands of war crimes committed by neo-Nazi reprisal battalions -- or by the Ukrainian army that is plaguing the Donbass and also the territory itself of Kievan Ukraine.

So far the first series of 800 war crimes dossiers have been filed to the European Court of Human Rights, and 1500 others are awaiting deposit. Lawyers of Lugansk and Donetsk are still at it, hard at work gathering testimony, because the crimes continue and survivors of the Ukrainian prisons or escapees flood month after month to the Donbass or appear in other parts of the world sometimes after long and very dangerous journeys, journeys to escape the clutches of the political police of Kiev.

But the noose tightens tirelessly. In addition to the issues that come together and will be filed in the competent courts, about 12 000 cases of elderly people who, in the depth of winter, had been deprived of their pensions by Kiev and left in danger of death are already collected and will be joined by several thousands more. This decision, putting lives of the vulnerable citizens at risk, contravenes international law. Taken by Kiev, it should cost them dearly and it will not be forgotten in the future courts that will rule on Ukrainian war criminals at all levels of the state apparatus where they are found.

The French delegation that will arrive Monday in Donetsk is a vanguard, officially coming to meet the authorities and their fellow lawyers to establish the first collaborations for the legal actions to be undertaken.

According to commitments made by the delegation, another, more important and prestigious in its composition, will strengthen contacts and can allow the start of work. It is quite significant that it is France that, despite its government being quite involved in supporting the illegal and criminal government of Kiev, will be at the forefront of legal battles that will probably last many years.

An important aspect of the visit will be also the legal proceedings to be conducted against French war criminals in Ukrainian battalions, including the infamous Azov. In maximum secrecy a French team gathered key information, non-disputable evidence, involving at least one of the "French" of Azov battalion who is also organizing a neo-Nazi meeting in the city of Nantes.

In this regard, various institutions have already been at work and identification of participants is underway for justice to do its work in France, where the glorification and promotion of neo-Nazism is prohibited, fortunately. The main document, overwhelmingly themed with the killing of civilians, will be handed over to the French delegation for justice to be done.

The tremendous investigative work is therefore continuing at all levels, both in the Donbass, Europe, and now in France. The French government when faced with thousands of incontrovertible documents will find it increasingly difficult to support the cause of Kyiv and especially the neo-Nazis behind it, in Ukraine ... and France.

One day or another, the party will end for them, in competent tribunals through the patient work of collecting information on the underground activists of Ukraine in France that can equally be put to good use when the first conviction will set a precedent. The time will come for the denazification of Ukraine, which inevitably will lead to the dismantling of French cells organized even in our territory, in the wake of the murderous war of brown Ukraine.

Recall that the Ukrainian networks include a lot of journalists, and political personalties that have infiltrated a number of French parties, including and especially the Socialist Party, the Republicans and the UDI, not to mention various fauna supporting Ukraine, camouflaged in various associations that raise funds, money and weapons for Ukraine, practicing criminal disinformation about the war waged by the Ukrainian killers in the Donbass and the terrible political repression conducted by the regime in Kiev.

The content of the documents gathered at this time for the meeting of the first international courts have terrible cases of torture, rape, summary executions, looting, political repression, political assassinations, kidnappings, extortion, religious persecution, ethnic persecution, violations of Human Rights and Democracy.

I myself have consulted some of the documents and statements in interviews attesting terrible things, some of which have already been made public. Justice is on, nothing will stop it, any more than it could stop the truth and I can say that sooner or later all those who directly or indirectly have supported the brown Ukraine, in France or elsewhere, will hardly have any more arrogance than Nazis had in 1945!