Tony Blair apologized for the mistakes made by the US and allies in
blair war criminal

"We're oh, so sorry."
Iraq. Apologized, and everything would be ok if not for the fact that any "mistakes" of the Anglo-Saxons are always paid with other people's blood.
"The former Prime Minister said that those who ousted Saddam Hussein are responsible for the situation in the Middle East.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair in his interview with CNN, acknowledged that the invasion of the U.S. and its allies in Iraq in 2003 was one of the reasons for the emergence of ISIL and asked for forgiveness [!] for mistakes.

— I apologize for the fact that we received incorrect information from intelligence [i.e., we are not to blame, it's all intelligence!] I also apologize for some errors in the planning and, of course, for our mistake in estimating what will happen once we change the regime, — said the politician. — You can't say that those who ousted Hussein in 2003 are not responsible for the situation in 2015. [Well. Let's extradite Tony and George Bush to the Hague, shall we? How else do you respond to these words?]"
How easy everything is for them. Made a mistake. Apologized. Made a mistake again. Apologized again. Very convenient. Who cares about a million dead civilians, destroyed infrastructure and ISIS tumor. We apologized for that. Opium wars, famines in India and Russia of the first half of the twentieth century - sorry, it was a mistake. Hiroshima and Nagasaki... well, sorry, but the residents are to blame. Why did they live in the cities where we planned to drop the bombs?

This infantile rhetoric basically means only one thing - the denial of the Anglo-Saxon elites from accountability for their actions. In principle, such denial in case of a particular person could be a reason for psychiatrists to declare a person incapacitated.

What to do with the brazen Western elites should be decided at a new Nuremberg (Moscow? Damascus? Baghdad?) tribunal.

Via Blogger @Antiseptic - Translated by Kristina Rus