Mordechai Vanunu
Mordechai Vanunu - Documentary (screen shot)
Superb documentary - a lot of new information relating to the early days of the Dimona Project, the 67 war, The Liberty and more..

Comment: In this documentary, it can be noted that the particular period centered around the 1967 War, which included the blatant attack on the USS Liberty in the Mediterranean Sea, by none other than Israel's Mossad/Military, had a number of different sides. Angles that involved the Soviets support of Egypt and Syria, and the direct possibility that the U.S. government (CIA) under President Lyndon B. Johnson, colluded with Israel (Mossad) to sink the USS Liberty, helping to sacrifice murder their own navy sailors in an attempted false flag operation to help shift this murderous dead upon Egypt to help counter the Soviets? If this is so, when the Israeli military aircraft and fast boats failed to completely sink the USS Liberty, and failing to ensure that every US Navy sailors was dead that could point the finger at Israel, the ridiculous cover stories started to fly high?

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