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Meteor seen from Harestua.
The activity of meteor swarm Perseids is at its greatest these days and several in Eastern Norway who were up in the night to see meteors, got a great experience.

A large bolide appeared 1:50:39 and lit up the night. It shone like the brightest full moon, was yellow-green in color, some also described it as blue and white, and was visible for 8-9 seconds. However, this was not one Perseid. Over parts of eastern Norway found the admittedly coming from Perseus, but it is a random perspective effect. It was slower and lasted much longer than any Perseid, and seen from elsewhere, it went in a different direction from Perseus.

The meteor ws also seen in Sweden. Preliminary bearings suggests that meteor went from northeast to southwest and extinguishes ca. 30 km of Töcksfors the E18 just across the Swedish border. The average speed was approximately 17.5 km / s. Speed ​​and brightness makes the meteor interesting in terms of possible meteor fallout, but it extinguishes at 30 km in the air, while we would like to see the lights way down to 20-25 km that would be a good indicator that meteorites may have reached all the way down to the ground. It will be interesting if it comes into any reports of bangs afterwards (1-3 minute after Bolide could be observed).