Residents of the CSRA (Central Savannah River Area) were treated to a celestial treat early Monday morning.
CSRA Meteor_1
© Jennifer CcrouchPhoto of meteor by Jennifer Crouch.
News channel 6 viewers submitted numerous videos depicting a bright object streaking across the sky. Reports of the object started coming into local law enforcement agencies around 1:30 AM. Videos started coming into our Facebook Page.

CSRA Meteor_2
© Chad JohnsonPhoto of meteor by Chad Johnson.
This is likely a meteor, known as a "Shooting star" by many. Tiny meteors up to several inches in diameter burn in the Earth's atmosphere every few minutes, more often than most think. Objects up to the size of one meter (3 feet) hit the earth every few months producing brilliant displays. This meteor was likely 1-2 feet in diameter.
CSRA Meteor_3
© Jodi BargeronPhoto by Jodi Bargeron.