Tragic: The elephant viciously throws the onlooker in the air
A rampaging elephant in India has been filmed trampling a man to death after it was provoked to charge them.

Horrific footage shows the animal stamping and throwing him after he fell and twisted his ankle as he attempted to escape.

As the attack unfolds onlookers desperately attempt to distract the enraged animal.

A few minutes earlier someone had launched a firework at the animal, sending it running along the opposite bank.

The clip shows a man then being helped out of a river and carried along the shoreline with two dozen more people scattered around nearby.

As the injured man limps along, the elephant can be seen in the background, wading out of the water, and for a few seconds it looks as if everyone is safe.

However, the elephant then begins charging, sending the people nearby running for their lives.

Tragically, one man falls down and the elephant brutally attacks him, tossing him into the air to the shock of the onlookers.

One man runs forward and waves his arms in the air in a bid to lure the elephant away, but it proves fruitless.

The clip ends with the elephant circling in rage by the water.