tourture cop
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The city has settled dozens of brutality claims against this monster, consisting of everything from suffocation with plastic bags to electricity being applied to genitals to force confessions.

The Illinois supreme court just dealt an insulting blow to the tax-payers of Chicago after their ruling to give a monstrous ex-cop his $4,000 monthly pension.

Former detective commander Jon Burge has already cost the tax-payers of Chicago over $100 million to settle claims stemming from brutality that included suffocation with plastic bags, electricity applied to genitals and guns forced into mouths during interrogations, according to Courthouse News. As many as 120 men, mostly African-American, were victims of Burge's torture tactics.

After Burge was fired in 1993, there was a groundswell of support to investigate his convictions. In 2002, a special prosecutor began investigating the accusations. The review, which cost $17 million, revealed improprieties that resulted in no action due to the statute of limitations.

Several convictions were reversed, remanded, or overturned. All Illinois death-row inmates received reductions in their sentences. Four of Burge's victims were pardoned by then-Governor Ryan and subsequently filed a consolidated suit in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois against the City of Chicago, various police officers, Cook County and various State's Attorneys.

Burge avoided being charged for any of his past sadistic torture of his victims because of the statute of limitations. However, in 2011 he was sentenced to 4½ years in federal prison for perjury after being caught lying about the torture under oath.

His lenient sentence sparked outrage in 2011 from individuals who had spent years in jail for crimes they did not commit after being tortured into confessing by this crazed sociopath.

Shortly after his sentence was handed down, a split decision from the police pension board granted him his pension. The four police officer members voted to keep Burge's pension in place and the four city-appointed board members voted to stop it. The split decision left his pension intact.

After the attorney general asked for the pension to be stopped, the case was brought to the Illinois state supreme court. Last month, the state supreme court voted 4-3 to keep Burge's pension.

The 'thin blue line' in Chicago has just chosen to give a man his retirement who's been convicted of a felony for lying about his horrific and violent past of torturing innocent people into confessing to crimes they did not commit.

If ever someone needed proof of the criminal ruling class separation in America, this is it.

Veterans in this country, who've lost limbs, gotten cancer, and suffer from PTSD, from fighting wars for the fat cats in DC, are homeless and unable to get treatment for their ills, while a torturous psychopath with a shiny badge gets to retire on your dime. Welcome to the land of the free.