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When Kim Nguyen called a cab after a few drinks, she thought she was on the right side of the law. But in spite of her best efforts, the 27-year-old pharmacist explains she was thrown from a police cruiser after Los Angeles police officers kidnapped and sexually assaulted her while she was waiting for that cab.

Part of the assault on Nguyen was captured on camera, as the young woman was filmed tumbling from a moving LAPD cruiser after being handcuffed and kidnapped while waiting for the cab she called.

Nguyen was just trying to get home in the early morning hours of March 17, 2013, but that's not where her story ends. More on the latest developments in a minute. First, let's make sure you understand just how serious her allegations against the LAPD are. Let's start by taking a look at the video below:

Back in 2013, Nguyen explains that officers confronted her along with two male friends outside of a downtown Los Angeles restaurant at 2 am.

The group had been drinking and they knew they shouldn't drive home. They were trying to do the right thing, making sure not to drink and drive.

But while waiting for the cab, officers told the men to leave them with Nguyen or they would be arrested. Once the men left, the rogue cops kidnapped Nguyen and assaulted her.

In the deposition taped last month it is alleged that the officer in the back of the cruiser with Nguyen had grabbed her left inner thigh. She resisted, but he forced her legs apart.

Then the officer grabbed her chest, and when she tried to push away, he grabbed her by the ear. In the struggle to get him off over her, she explains that officer negligence led to her being ejected from the vehicle at high speeds.

As a result of this, Nguyen spent two weeks in the hospital. Injuries sustained included having to have her jaw wired shut. She also lost all of her teeth from the impact on the street which was caught on video, after she was ejected from the cruiser.

Now, Nguyen has filed a lawsuit against the LAPD, alleging that officers failed to secure her with a seatbelt or lock her door properly. This, her attorney says, is what led to her being ejected from the car.

Nguyen's attorney, Arnoldo Casillas was able to obtain surveillance footage of the incident. The video of the incident clearly shows Nguyen sprawled on the ground with her dress removed from the waist down.

The video (above) shows the patrol car speeding through a green light. "The video shows that the statement that the police officers gave the paramedics is an unabashed, unequivocal lie," Casillas said during the press conference.

The LAPD say that they are "investigating," but that investigation has never concluded. Still, the department says they "will ensure that Ms. Nguyen is made aware of the outcome of the investigation related to this incident," whenever they finally conclude it.

In spite of all the evidence, there has been relatively little coverage of this lawsuit in the mainstream media.

Help us get the word out about this important issue. The more we remain quiet about these rogue cops, the more they will continue to take advantage of people like Nguyen!