Comment: It is amazing that despite the pain already being felt in the EU due to the Russian counter sanctions, eh EU is still going to press ahead with more sanction. Surely they must understand that Russia will retaliate. And the Russian counter sanctions have been very effective so there is more pain in store for the average EU citizen.

But then again, the psychopaths in charge of the US and the EU care nothing for the citizens of their countries, they are completely focused on their power games and their wishful thinking.

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The European Union (EU) has readied a fresh wave of sanctions against Russia with warnings that the escalating crisis in Ukraine is putting all of Europe at risk of conflict.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said as he visited Brussels to plead with EU leaders for tougher measures, arguing that Kiev and Moscow were on the verge of "full-scale war".

Fears of a wider confrontation spiraled after claims that Russia has sent troops to help fight a new offensive by pro-Kremlin rebels that has wrested several southeastern Ukrainian towns from Kiev's control.

Comment: The real issue for Kiev and its masters in the EU and the USA is that the rebels in eastern Ukraine are beating the Ukrainian army hands down. And they are capturing tons of equipment, in the process becoming better organised and much better equipped. Kiev cannot admit the high death rate among their soldiers, nor the loss of the equipment, hence the spin - the Russians must be helping them. As usual with releases from Kiev and the EU, all lies, and no proof.

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EU Commission head Jose Manuel Barroso warned that the crisis was near a "point of no return" and said Brussels had drawn up new sanctions against the Kremlin that the 28 leaders would discuss at their summit on Saturday.

The EU delivered a further riposte to Russia on Saturday when it elected Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, a vocal Kremlin critic, as its next president.

Poroshenko said Ukraine was the victim of "foreign military aggression and terror" and alleged that thousands of Russian troops and hundreds of tanks were on Ukrainian soil.

Comment: He is correct, although not in the way he means. Ukraine IS the victim of foreign military aggression and terror, but it has been organised, financed and promoted by the US and the EU. And it is Kiev which is attempting to commit genocide on the population of eastern Ukraine and which is committing the acts of terror on its population. This is typical behaviour by psychopaths, they ascribe their own behaviour to their enemies.

"Today we are talking about the fate of Ukraine, tomorrow it could be for all Europe," he warned before meeting EU leaders.

Speaking later, he added: "I think that we are very close to the point of no return, the point of no return is full-scale war, which is already happening in the territories controlled by the separatists."

Lithuania's President Dalia Grybauskaite, whose Baltic country is wary of a resurgent Russia on its own borders, said the EU should send military equipment to Kiev.

"Russia is at war against Ukraine and that is against a country which wants to be part of Europe," she said.

"Russia is practically in a state of war against Europe."

Comment: Wow, what amazing spin! There is no credible evidence that Russia is at war with Kiev, or with anyone for that matter, unlike the US and the EU. And the only way you could even possibly consider that Russia is practically at war with Europe is because Russia placed its counter sanctions on EU foodstuffs, upsetting affected EU countries considerably. However, if applying sanctions is considered going to war, then the US and the EU fired the opening shots, and actions have consequences.

French President Francois Hollande said the EU would "no doubt increase" sanctions, while British Prime Minister David Cameron said the lessons of history demanded action.

The European Union and the United States have already slapped tough sanctions on Russia over its role in the Ukraine crisis, including Moscow's annexation of Crimea in March.

New measures were likely to focus on extending current sanctions covering financial services, armaments, dual-use products and energy, Finland's Prime Minister Alexander Stubb told reporters.

The naming of Poland's Tusk as the future head of the European Council was a further strengthening of Europe's stance against what the outgoing president, Herman Van Rompuy, called "the gravest threat to continental security since the Cold War."

Comment: In reality, the gravest threat to continental security is the posturing of the US/ NATO camp, who are hellbent on encircling Russia with bases and missiles, and who hate the fact that Russia has not been bent to their hegemonic will.

NATO said on Thursday that Russia had sent at least 1000 troops to fight alongside the insurgents, as well as air defence systems, artillery, tanks and armoured vehicles, and had massed 20,000 troops near the border.

Comment: And as the OSCE AGAIN repeats, there is no evidence of Russian troops or military equipment in Ukraine. Wishful thinking does NOT make it so.

The fresh rebel offensive has raised fears the Kremlin is seeking to create a corridor between Russia and the strategic Black Sea peninsula of Crimea.

Moscow has denied any troop presence in Ukrainian territories, despite the capture of paratroopers by Kiev and reports of secret military funerals being held in Russia.

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