Deer breaks window
A deer crashed into the windows of Rebos on Wednesday afternoon, shattering one of the two panes.

There is no significant damage to the restaurant and nobody was injured.

The deer was still breathing when ABC9 crews arrived at the scene.

Customers and staff say they were pretty shaken up about the whole ordeal.

"It was about the noon hour and it sounded like, I don't know what it was. All we heard was a big giant crash, a very loud band and everything in the restaurant stopped," said Ryan Brun, Rebos bartender.

"Well at first I thought, in my mind, that somebody threw a rock or shot the window out cause we saw this broken glass and a loud boom and ran over to the window to see that this deer, this poor deer had slammed into the window and shattered it," said customer Mark Hanna.

The buck was taken away by animal rescue and will have to be put down.

If you do have plans to eat there tonight, no worries. Managers say they're still up and running.