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It soooo sucks to be soooo wrong
(HuffPo)"From the beginning, most people on the left were against going into Iraq. I wasn't.... Liberals, you were right. We shouldn't have."

Beck made this surprising declaration on his radio show on Tuesday while discussing the widening rift between Republicans and Democrats. He urged both parties to come together to oppose another war in Iraq.

"Not one more life. Not one more life. Not one more dollar, not one more airplane, not one more bullet, not one more Marine, not one more arm or leg or eye. Not one more," he said. "This must end now. Now can't we come together on that?"
I really, really hate to give Beck credit but credit I doth give. Tony Blair can SYFPH, Bill Kristol can SYFPH, Paul Wolfowitz can SYFPH! We shouldn't be there and I am very glad our Democratic President of the USA has stated that we won't be sending US men and women into this Heart Of Darkness.

I am hopeful that the White House's current stance, that the USA will not use ground forces in Iraq regardless and air support unless the current regime restructures into an inclusive Shia/Sunni/Kurd structure. Preferably with al-Maliki resigning. I do not expect any buy-in from Republicans but this is an indication libertarians and tea partiers may not be seduced by neocon dreams.

I can hope.

BTW, this is not snark. I couldn't figure out how to embed the video but the Huff Post link has it.

Some Special Sauce bumped from the comments:
"Televangelist Pat Robertson on Monday blasted former President George W. Bush for selling Americans a "bill of goods" before the Iraq invasion, which led to the violence that is currently sweeping across the country.

During his Monday broadcast, a viewer asked Robertson if there was a solution to the ongoing violence caused by an al Qaeda splinter group, ISIS, threatening to take over Iraq.

"Right now, what we did -- and it was a great mistake to go in there," Robertson explained, pointing out that Saddam Hussein's "bomb maker" had said that the then-dictator "doesn't know how to make an atomic bomb."

"And so to sell the American people on weapons of mass destruction, he had WMD and was getting [concentrated uranium] yellowcake out of Africa and all of that, it was a lot of nonsense," the TV preacher said. "We were sold a bill of goods, we should never have gone into that country!"

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AND NOW SOME MORE - Beck continues to ride this Epiphany Train into the FOX studios:
During a Tuesday interview with Fox News' Megyn Kelly, Kelly's former colleague Glenn Beck looked back at his time on the channel, saying he wished he would've spent more time uniting rather than dividing.
"I remember it as an awful lot of fun," Beck said about being on Fox News, "and that I made an awful lot of mistakes, and I wish I could go back and be more uniting in my language. Because I think I played a role, unfortunately, in helping tear the country apart. And it's not who we are.

"I didn't realize how really fragile the people were," Beck continued. "I thought we were kind of a little more in it together. And now I look back and I realize if we could have talked about the uniting principles a little bit more, instead of just the problems, I think I would look back on it a little more fondly."
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