A recent lawsuit filed against Chicago police shows a woman was physically and verbally abused by the US city's police officers last year.

Jianqing "Jessica" Klyzek, 32-year-old manager of a tanning salon and massage parlor, was subject to police brutality last year as the officers tried to place her under arrest, according to the lawsuit which was filed on May 14.

In July 2013, police raided the Copper Tan and Spa in response to a prostitution report.

At one point during the incident, much of which was caught on video, an officer threatens Klyzek, saying they would "send you back to wherever the f*** you came from".

The lawsuit claims an officer placed his hands over Klyzek's nose and mouth, leaving her unable to breathe. Moreover, the video shows a cop striking her in the head while she is on her knees, bent over and handcuffed.

Klyzek is a naturalized US citizen of Chinese origin and was clearly abused by police as evident on the video posted by the Chicago Sun-Times.

She suffered "scratches and abrasions on her neck, bruising on her right forearm, an abrasion on her left elbow, bruising on both her thighs and an abrasion on her right knee," the lawsuit states.

The officers finally noticed the camera recording them and tried to find the video but they couldn't since it was stored off-site.

Klyzek's attorney, Torreya Hamilton, said her client was treated as if "she was less than human". She asked the court to fire the officers.

"I can't see how they have any business wearing the uniform," Hamilton was quoted as saying by the Chicago Tribune. "She was handcuffed and sitting on the ground and was struck from behind ... This was not reasonable force."