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If you only watch the mainstream media coverage, or read major newspapers, you'd think that what is happening in the Ukraine right now is some kind of organic, grassroots political reform movement. It's nothing of the sort.

At the height of hypocrisy, we can witness US officials and western media pundits all chastising Ukrainian authorities for cracking down on violent protesters. As if the governments of the US or the UK wouldn't do exactly the same if street gangs set fire to government buildings in Washington or London.

Beyond all the freedom and democracy rhetoric pouring out of the western media and neoliberal government orifices, what we are essentially looking at is an attempted coup d'état in the Ukraine, orchestrated by a cadre of western NGO's and multilateral institutions - in concert, trying to unleash a more sophisticated version of the Arab Spring on Europe's doorstep.

The situation on the street is extremely dangerous right now. As Voltaire Net's Andrew Korybko points out, the west have nudged the Ukrainian government into an almost impossible situation. Korybko states:
"The authorities now have to make a tough decision over whether to try to restore order to the restive region or to attempt to regain control over the capital. The situation is extremely grave, and it is now obvious that this hybrid Color Revolution/Arab Spring frankenstein is schizophrenically taking on more characteristics of the latter (not that any is good, for that matter). The Libyan method has apparently been 'perfected' to the point where outside actors feel comfortable deploying this Pandora's Box inside of Europe itself."
Because it's Eastern Europe, and not Egypt or Tunisia, selling change for change's sake is not enough sell the coup. Instead, the globalists have opted to use the 'carrot and dagger' approach for the Ukraine, meaning that if the current Ukrainian leadership do not relent to the pro-EU colour mobs and far right-wing neo-Nazi gangs, then the US will lead a campaign for collective punishment sanctions against the former Soviet bloc country. US rogue Senator John McCain said as much during his recent trip to Kiev - a new low point in international racketeering. This kind of racketeering is not that different from what is being done to Syria, only without the CIA-sponsored arms and the al Qaida thugs. For the western-backed opposition in the Ukraine, this is an EU jihad, with dreams of extending the great EU caliphate .

Imagine, the west can now threaten a sovereign nation, that if they do not join the EU, or if they choose to renew their financial and economic ties with neighbor Russia - then they will suffer the consequences. Clearly, the primary goal for Washington DC and European central bankers - is to destabilise, and then separate Kiev from Moscow - both politically and economically, and thus weaken Russia's proprietary position in Eurasia.

The side-dish for EU central bankers, is the prospect of a new pillage and plunder territory on the fringe of Europe, with hopes dropping the debt yoke on that country, and then privatising and asset-stripping anything that's not nailed down in the Urkraine's economy. For financial vampires in Brussels, it's a source of hard to come by liquidity - a potential fresh carcass for jackals in grey suits.

This US and EU-backed 'Colour Revolution 2.0′ currently taking place across the Ukraine is a highly organised operation at least five years in the making, and undertaken by a familiar cluster of US 'pro-democracy' foundations and NGO's. Yes, the usual suspects are operating in the neighborhood, including National Endowment for Democracy, National Democratic Institute, the International Republican Institute,US AID and the Soros Open Society Institute franchise called International Renaissance Foundation, as well as EU-based organizations working in the background like the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. These are only a few of the hundreds of NGOs and foundations currently operating in and outside the Ukraine.

Strategic direction for these NGO operations on the ground can be found in various Washington DC globalist think tanks like Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and others, under the general banner of advancing 'Russophobia' and what western central planners refer to as a policy of 'neocontainment' of Russia.

The west already have their man in place, leading the Ukrainain 'opposition' - a former professional heavyweight boxing champion named Vitali Klitschko (photo, left), who himself has a net worth of about $65 million. The Washington and EU-backed opposition leader also has the backing of NATO, German Chancellor Angela Merkel as well as the US Marshall Fund (financed out of Germany) as western globalists hope that Klitschko might be installed as the new populist president of the Ukraine - maybe, but more importantly that one day allowing the country to be folded into both the EU and NATO.

Despite clandestine and multilateral western subterfuge, the Ukraine will remain aligned with Russia, at least for now. Today we learned that the Ukraine has agreed to borrow another $2 billion from Russia (see Reuters article below) - keeping them on track with Russia's wider $15 billion bailout program for Kiev.

The Ukraine is only one facet of a much larger geopolitical chess match shaping up in the region. According to his recent interview on the SUNDAY WIRE radio show, geopolitical analyst and author F. William Engdahl believes the chessboard extends much further south, and eastward. Engdahl explains, "Putin just signed a multi-billion dollar gas exploration deal off the coast of Palestine and Gaza, and also signed a major energy exploration deal with the Syrian government, and a week ago announced they are in talks with the Iranians for a barter deal for a billion and half dollars of oil for Russian machinery and military equipment - a huge help to the Iranian economy to end-run the sanctions through barter since the sanctions go through the SWIFT-Interbank payment system and black the money flows - this is a way to get around that."
"Putin is making Russia a major global player in the hottest energy play in the world today which is the Eastern Mediterranean-Levant basin... This is one of the major factors driving the whole Syria conflict - the undeclared war over control of natural gas pipelines - more than oil pipelines, because the European Union is the natural gas growth market for the world over the next 20 to 40 years."

"What they are trying to do is isolate Russia, cripple it economically - the move of the Yanukovich government to go with the Russian offer of reduced natural gas prices and access to the Eurasian economic movement that Putin has made a priority of his Presidency... that is something that NATO wants to prevent at all costs."
Meanwhile, Ukrainian are left to pick up the pieces as a casualty on the Grand Chessboard. Korybko concludes:
"Either the EU will in no way accept a future failed-state Ukraine, licking its wounds from prolonged civil strife, to enter into the organization, or it, in coordination with its NATO overseers, had it planned all along to collapse the country and profitably rebuild it under the aegis of the West. Either way, the fabled 'path to Europe' has been exposed as the sham that it is, and absolutely nothing of positive value can come to the average citizen from what the militant participants have done to their country in the name of 'Euro-integration".
And so it must be said again: "The fabled 'path to Europe' has been exposed as the sham that it is."