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A prominent analyst says Britain is becoming submerged in racism, noting that this sinister phenomenon is eating away at the very fabric of the United Kingdom.

"In fact, a tragic sense of racism and hatred is permeating through the very fabric of the British society, eating it away like a kind of canker," Ismail Salami wrote in a column for Press TV on Sunday.
"With racism being institutionalized across the country, there is little hope for the burgeoning of multiculturalism, hybridity and the possibility of a reliable future for immigrants and alike," he added.
Salami outlined the depth of racism in Britain where a disabled Iranian man, Bijan Ebrahimi, was brutally murdered in July by his neighbor Lee James. Ebrahimi had contacted the police a number of times complaining that he was a victim of anti-social behavior, but police officers had ignored the calls.
"The Bijans of our time are the victims of blind prejudice and loathsome ignorance of those who consciously choose to relegate some people to the category of subhumans and put themselves instead on a pedestal of supremacy," wrote Salami.
The analyst noted that Ebrahimi's death is "just the tip of the iceberg."

Noting that racism has a "rather long history in Britain", he said, "There are groups and organizations who capitalize on racism and other forms of discrimination as a means to achieve their diabolical goals and paint an untrue picture of a race or religion."

Salami expressed regret over growing racism in Britain and the ignorance of British authorities in "taking responsible measures in order to stymie the violence springing therefrom."
"Unfortunately, Britain is gradually plunging into the depths of moral deterioration and social decadence day in and day out as it refuses to make concrete efforts to curb the escalating trend of racism and hate crimes," he wrote.
He cited the example of English Defense League (EDL) as one of the "most notorious racist and hate groups" indulged in "seeking the seeds of hatred across the country against the Muslim community in particular by launching physical attacks on the Muslims and their Islamic centers."

Salami said the EDL along with other racist groups, including the British National Party, have closed ranks to "stamp out all vestiges of Islamic culture within the British society."