When something is this ridiculous, all you can do is point and laugh. Michael Mann lends his image for political purposes in campaign video for called "Crusades Against Science 101″ with Professor Michael Mann". Here's the laughable imagery:

The imagery is dishonest. I challenge Dr. Mann to find any home in Norfolk that looks like that due to sea level rise. Just one will do. And no, a photoshop tricked-out house like your buds at NCDC used won't qualify.

Dr. Mann seems to have no problem lending his image for political purposes, as this frame from the video shows:


The video footnote says:
Dr. Michael Mann is a world-renowned climate scientist and former University of Virginia professor. This animated interview recounts the grievances Prof. Mann faced at the hand of gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli, and details the threats to all Virginians caused by climate change.

"Vote climate in this election, Virginia's future depends on it."
Anything for "the cause" I suppose. Dr. Mann once referred to me as a "denier for dollars" (he imagines huge budgets at my disposal, but reality differs), I suppose it is only fair to return the favor by pointing out his involvement as a political science shill for VA gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe.

Here is the video: