© AMS.orgHeat Map For AMS Event 2013/1907
Over 80 (so far) witnesses reported a large fireball over Alabama last night (9/9) around 8:35 PM local CDT (1:30 on 10/9 UT). The fireball was seen from primarily Alabama and Ohio, but witnesses from Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia and Kentucky also reported seeing the fireball.

We are currently investigating dozen of reports about this event. We will update this page later today with more information.

Here is the current heat map for the event
© Dr.Bill Cooke, NASAThe fireball event was captured on all-sky cameras in Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee at 20:18 CDT on 9 Sept 2013.

that shows where the witnesses reported from. Click the image below to review the event map and witness reports for this fireball.

Someone caught the fireball on video at the Mumford & Sons concert at Oak Mountain Amphitheater in Birmingham, AL.