Video shows masked man lie on train track in Holland as train approaches

Passenger train suddenly speeds past with man still on the track

Police are now hunting for the man after the video was posted online

This is certainly one way to put your life on the line... and at the very least is a fast-track to an early grave.

But somehow the masked daredevil in this video survived after lying on a railway in Holland as a high-speed train sped over his body.

Police are now hunting the unidentified prankster whose stunt was filmed by a friend and posted online.

The footage begins with the young man talking to the camera wearing a white mask before walking over to the rail line.

Moments after he lies down, the train whooshes over him. He then stands up with obvious delight and performs a victory dance for the camera.

It is not the first time such a stunt has been performed for the camera and posted on the internet.

Last year an American man was filmed sitting directly underneath an enormous moving freight train which passes at speed just inches above his head.

Filmed somewhere in America, the man's friend who is filming states the obvious by shouting rather inarticulately 'You're f*****'.

The man under the train - who also has a large bag with him - at least shows some sign of concern for his own safety by shouting back: 'I am gonna die.'

The cameraman replies: 'I imagine you are going to die, you are underneath a train.'

He didn't die. Instead he laughs: 'That is f****** awesome though'.