A meteorite may have been spotted crashing to earth this evening.
There have been multiple reports of a bright burning light in the sky over Toowoomba and the Darling Downs last night.

Witnesses reported seeing a bright white ball falling to earth about 6pm. It is understood the object may have been a meteor or space junk.

Several people contacted The Chronicle this morning to report the sighting.

On Facebook, witnesses spoke of a "spectacular" light display that at first appeared to be a shooting star.
  • Shallon Garton: "I saw what I thought was a shooting star but way bigger driving back to Highfields from Esk."
  • Stuart Shields: "Yes, saw it on my way home from Highfields last night was pretty spectacular."
  • Christine Walker: "We saw it here in the Lockyer Valley just after dark. No time to grab the camera though"
There have also been reports of a bright light or flashes over the Sunshine Coast and the mid north NSW coast.