A psychopath is considered one of the most complicated personalities and most difficult to diagnose and recognize in a person.

The reason lies in that the psychopath has a great ability to influence others, and even to manipulate their ideas. And despite the fact that the psychopath does not show symptoms of mental illness because he often does not suffer from them, their social behavior is no less dangerous than other mental illnesses if not worse, and poor social adaptation reflects a deeply troubled personality.

Therefore psychopathy is considered one of worst social and psychological problems that badly affects the individual and society and threatens the mental health of anyone located within the psychopath's circle, in addition to the great waste of human life.

Scientific statistics show that 1 percent of the world's population carry genes that lead to this disease, but this proportion has risen to 4 percent in social leaders because of selfishness and excessive ambitions that crush obstacles and even friendships in order to reach their goals. Studies indicate that incidences of psychopathy among men are 10 times higher than in women.

General characteristics and the main features of a psychopath is a surpassing power in influencing others with sweet words and frequent promises that they often do not keep, excess charm and their ability to absorb all of those who deal with them with their temporary acts of decency and bright promises.

But those who deal with them closely and long enough will discover what they truly are, and when we ask the people closest to them, the contrast between their public image that people see and what they are really like is shocking - only people close to them, especially their families know the true selves, full of turmoil and failings, in addition to floundering and acts that are inconsistent with the ethics they claim to possess.

A psychopath is also characterized with their exploitation of women in all forms of physical and material ways - what ever he can take advantage of. But this side to his personality can only be perceived by his wife or the people closest to him. Due to the charisma and sweetness of their words and the many promises they make it is far more difficult to imagine this other side of a psychopath.

This personality is a user and a hypocrite and lives in this world with the logic me-myself and I. He loves himself greatly and does not know the meaning of altruism, and rarely does he consider the public's interest or the interest of others over his own. In fact, he considers anyone who does so as naïve, foolish and stupid.

Another one of his characteristics, is that he finds pleasure and satisfaction when those around him especially the wife and children are harmed. He defrauds, and lies, says things then denies that he said them with confidence and without any shame.

In general, psychopaths suffer from the absence of conscience and shame. They are fluent in verbal expression and show emotions appropriate to different situations, but this expression is not real, and they may use the appropriate words to apologize for a particular behavior, but an apology is often false, and they do not feel any remorse.

Another feature of the psychopathic personality is that the vast majority of them also suffer from excessive narcissism, and since the narcissist is self centered, they are unable to love, do not know the meaning of true love, so we find that their relationships often fail. The women are just to be used or are a means to satisfy their desires, and therefore they often have unconventional sex lives. And although they have ability to seem loving to the max, they do so only in order to reach their goals and gain self-confidence.

This inability to feel true love and emotional attachment makes them unable to build genuine friendships, and their history is full of seemingly real friendships and even intimate ones, but once the other party is no longer of use, the role- playing ends and they strike them from the list friends and forget them, because the psychopath is self-centered and the importance of others is according to how much he can benefit from them to achieve his goals or satisfy needs.

The psychopathic personality who reaches senior positions or advanced management, attracts other similar personalities and that leads to the formation of psychopathic institutions. These institutions become incubators for these psychopathic qualities and so its impact on society is far more harmful and damaging.

Regrettably this disease is generally classified as a mental illness, which has no cure, and it is advisable to stay away from these types, as they have profound negative effects on the people around them, whether at work or home.

In the absence of the option of staying away from them, the mere recognition and correct diagnosis of this character, makes those who deal with them aware of the danger and their negative impact, and so they try to avoid their malice and to protect themselves from becoming victims.