Initial Sighting Reports

25 February 2013 - Kristine Waverley, Nova Scotia 21:45 AST
5 seconds duration. It went from right to left, I was facing North. Blue colour, as bright as the Sun. It was very low in the sky.
25 February 2013 - Nadia, Porters Lake, Nova Scotia 10:00 pm Atlantic Std. Time
~ 3 seconds duration. Moved from South to North. No sound. Bright yellow colour with a green flaming tail. As bright as the Sun/moon. It burned up before my eyes, and moved fast and low.
25 February 2013 - Christine Kristen, VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA 18:25 PST
3 seconds or so duration. Big bright streak, straight down. I was facing west. It was white colour. It was very bright and seemed very big considering how far away it appeared (perhaps over the Pacific coast?). Sky was still light.
25 February 2013 - Darragh Courtenay, BC, Canada 18:30 PST
I saw it for 2 seconds as I was driving through town. I was facing it and it was heading north at a sharp enough angle downwards. Bright white colour with a white tail and trail of smoke into the hills. It was bright, cause it was still a clear sky and still daylight there was a long trail of smoke. I tried to track it down, cause it looks like it went to the ground, there was a vertical smoke stream.