Conned Women
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Balmoral: The woman was taken to the hotel to meet the healer.
A Chinese woman has been conned out of thousands of pounds of jewellery and cash by a "spiritual healer" who said she would bless the valuables.

The 64-year-old Buddhist was approached by two Chinese women at around 3pm in the St James Centre, Edinburgh on Tuesday January 15. They asked if she wanted to meet with a spiritual healer.

The victim then went to meet a third Chinese woman, who claimed to be a healer, in the Balmoral Hotel. She was told her family's valuables and cash could be blessed.

The woman went home and gathered up large quantities of jewellery and money before placing them in a red bag and meeting the three women on the corner of West Register Street.

The bag was taken and "blessed" and the woman was told not to open the bag for a few weeks to allow the charm to work. However, she opened the bag a few days later and found her items had been swapped for junk.

Lothian and Borders Police are now appealing for help in tracking down the three Chinese women who conned the woman.

Constable Kris Harvey said: "The victim has been specifically targeted because of her ethnicity and faith, having been led to believe her valuables were blessed to bring her family good luck.

"She has subsequently been robbed of several thousand pounds of cash and jewellery and has been left devastated as a result.

"All of the females who approached the woman are believed to be involved in this fraud and local enquiries are underway to trace them.

"Anyone who can assist officers with their investigation is asked to contact police immediately."

Anyone with information is asked to contact Lothian and Borders Police on 0131 311 3131 or through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.