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Groupon is one of many companies that has distanced itself from gun sales in the wake of the Newtown shooting.
Groupon, the online discount coupon website, has ended its practice of offering gun deals.

Customers can no longer acquire a "conceal-and-carry course" for up to 63% off or a beginner's target lesson for $49.

"Groupon has been testing firearm-related deals like shooting ranges and concealed weapons courses for the last eight months," Groupon spokeswoman Julie Mossler said in a statement. "Based on performance and customer feedback, it's clear they're not a fit right now."

The Chicago-based company has not specifically said why it is no longer offering gun deals, but it is likely related to the increased call for gun control following the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut that left 28 people, including 20 children, dead.

Slate noted that Groupon said in an April 2011 blogpost that it actively chose not to offer deals on guns while responding to controversy about advertisements on the website for Donald Trump's show The Apprentice.

"Enough consumers have contacted us to warrant ensuring that we don't place ads on The Apprentice homepage in the future," the post said. "It's the same reason we don't run deals on guns or abortion ... this isn't a political statement; it's avoiding intentionally upsetting a segment of our customers."

The announcement relates to deals for Groupon North America. The company is also reviewing its international policy.

Texas gun store owner Michael Cargill told local news station KXAN that he plans to honor a deal he was offering on the site for a handgun course.

Cargill said Groupon was punishing gun owners who behave responsibly and want to learn how to use guns safely. "These are not the type of people who are going to commit crimes," Cargill said of his customers.

Groupon is one of many companies that has distanced itself from gun sales in the wake of the Newtown shooting. Dick's Sporting Goods suspended the sale of "modern sporting rifles" and removed guns from the stores closest to Newtown.

Private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management said it would sell its investment in the Freedom Group, which contains Bushmaster Firearms. A semi-automatic Bushmaster rifle was used in the Newtown shooting.