My heart goes out to those that lose loved at the hands of crazy police officers. Below is Stacy's story about her beloved dog.

My name is Stacy Fields and I am trying to get the story out to the public about what happened to my Kincaid. On New Years Day around 11 a.m. a BCPD officer was chasing a suspect through our alley. The suspect than jump our fence and into our yard. The officer pursued, the suspect into our outside basement stairs. Kincaid heard something going on outside, and I'm only assuming, he thought it was the neighbor coming out to feed him treats. He saw the officer and proceeded to bark, as I think any dog would do when a stranger is in their yard.

My step father, Ed, came out to see why he was barking at and Kincaid stepped off of the porch, the officer (gun already drawn on the suspect) told Ed to grab the dog. As Ed reached to grab Kincaids harness the officer turned his back on the uncuffed and as of yet to be patted down suspect and fired 6 bullets. The first 3 missed Kincaid and the last 3 hit him. He was hit twice in the head and once in the body. So not only did he shoot our beloved pet, he could have very well hit Ed with any of those stray bullets. Here is a link to the Facebook page made for him.
-Stacy Fields