A woman in Luoyang, Henan Province bought 2.5 kilos of eggs at a low price but these eggs all had rubber-like yolk, a local newspaper reported today.

The woman surnamed Tian bought the eggs, 2 yuan (32 US cents) cheaper than the market price, from a van parked on a roadside in Chanhe District on Sunday. She boiled a few but found the eggs taste like "rubber bands," the Dahe Daily said.

After receiving her report, local law enforcement officials went to check, but the van had disappeared, the paper said.

Food experts said the egg shell was made from calcium carbonate; egg white was made from resin; and the rubber-like yolk was made from some industrial chemical. These fake eggs pose health risks.

Local authorities have warned people to buy eggs and other food from unlicensed roadside dealers. If they find suspicious eggs, they should send the samples to authorities along with the invoice.