• Conflicting reports about whether Khamis Gaddafi was killed in fighting or died later after being arrested
  • His alleged death occurred on Saturday, a year to the day after his father was killed by rebels
  • Khamis's body was reportedly being taken to Misrata like his father's corpse
  • News of the death has sparked scenes of wild celebrations in the city
Khamis Gaddafi
© ABACA/Press Association Images
Conflicting reports: Colonel Gaddafi's youngest son, Khamis (pictured), has allegedly been killed, but accounts of exactly how he is said to have died are confusing. He has been reported dead several times before
The youngest son of Colonel Gaddafi has reportedly been killed during fighting a year to the day after the former Libyan leader's death.

There are conflicting accounts about whether Khamis Gaddafi was killed during conflict or fatally wounded and later died.

Libyan national congress spokesman, Omar Hamdan, said the 28-year-old died 'in battle' but gave no further details.

His body is said to have been found yesterday after fierce fighting between pro-Gaddafi forces and militias allied to the Libyan government in the town of Bani Walid.

The Al Arabiya news agency, however, has been cited on NBC News as saying that sources claim Khamis Gaddafi was found seriously injured, arrested and later died.

There have been several reports in the past that he has been killed, including during a NATO airstrike in August 2011.

Government forces claimed 13 people were killed and 121 wounded on a fourth day of bitter clashes for control of the town.

Reports of his death brought scenes of wild celebrations in Misrata, the city which had been under siege for six months by Khamis's 32nd Brigade.

It is believed his body was being brought to the city, the third largest in Libya, as his father's corpse had been after he was killed by rebels on October 20 last year.

Earlier in the day, he Libyan government that its forces had detained Gaddafi's high-profile spokesman Moussa Ibrahim, but an online recording from a man purporting to be Ibrahim denied that claim and said he wasn't even in the country.

Khamis, who studied at a Russian military academy, was one of the most hardline of Gaddafi's sons and formed the 32nd Brigade to serve his father.

His forces have been blamed for committing murder, rape and torture.

Khamis never married and with his older brother, Moatasen, proved one of the enforcers of the Gaddafi family.

His other brother, Saif Al Islam, is currently in a Libyan jail on war crimes charges.