Sri Lanka New Tactonic
Colombo: A Sri Lankan geologist says that the new earthquake patterns indicate the creation of a new tectonic plate in the region.

Athula Senaratne, a professor of the Peradeniya University's Geological Research Department has said that the recent quake patterns showed the creation of a new tectonic plate.

He has said that investigations are currently underway to determine the reason for the quakes, felt in some parts of the country on May 26th, had not been recorded in the instruments in Sri Lanka and India.

Earlier Senaratne has reportedly said that based on the data of earthquakes above six in the Richter scale over the last 100 years, the geology team at the university can predict the occurrences of earthquakes.

Senaratne has said that extensive research needed to be conducted in order to map out earthquake prone areas in Sri Lanka.

He has also called on the people to be more vigilant due to the threat of earthquakes.